Thursday, November 18, 2010

WWD: Short And Sweet

No time to chat but, behold, the most magical $18 dollar find in all the land. From the Jewish Council Resale Store, no less. I give you the golden necklace.
I mean REALLY. Do you die or do you die?

Add in a little dolman sleeve sweater and full leg trouser and Boom. Roasted. (That was for you if you are reading this, you.)

Blah blah,


Fab Chica said...

Oh Chica!!..That necklace is sick!! take it off.,let me have it..!!!!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

You bettah Shut UP with that golden goodness!!

this free bird said...

stop. $18?? STOP

and i totes thought that was a jumper and started crying. long live farrah fawcett!!!

GiGi said...

i need resuscitation.

off the charts.

did you just crap yourself when you found it?

sorry-poop seems to be a theme as of late.

Cathy W. said...

I would have fought you for that necklace!! Love it!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Holy moly! I am LOVING THIS!!! What a FIND! The find gods love you... Send them my way please! Geez between you and Carrie at Corkas and Caftans I am feeling left out!
Soooooooooo flippin cute!

ClosetConfections said...

Love that necklace. It makes quite a statement. I die!


Jenny said...

D-I-E! That ensemble is complete perfection!!

Kelly said...

AMAZING find!!