Monday, November 22, 2010

WWD: Score

I cannot even compete with the cuteness posted below. Rully, none of us can. We should collectively fold. The new haircuts on the Trips. Thud. I die.

I did kinda die before this a little though when I scored this Nili Lotan shirtdress for $10 at The Scholar Shop. Like Shan said, "A whoosie whatsie?" Nili Lotan. I wasn't familiar with this designer but could tell I might have stumbled on something, so I asked my friend Google. Lo (Bosworth) and Behold, I scored a $357 frock for $347 off.

Mine has covered buttons but that is about the only difference.

I love it because it's a shirt, it's a dress, it's a shirtdress. It can be loose, belted, with tights, without tights, over pants, sans pants, with heels, with flat sandals when it's warmer. I.Love.

And, let's be honest, don't you love something just a leeeetle bit more knowing what an amazing deal you scored? Don't lie to me.

Dress and vest: resale; Jewelry: local trinket shop; Scarf: tie off of a leopard dress




Kelly said...

Love it! So versatile!!

Natasha said...

I love my $8 Dooney & Bourke purse. I love it more than the $157 dollars I saved on it. :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love this outfit and the earrings are stunning
Hugs and kisses