Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WWD: No More Wire Hangers

Unlike some people (see post below) I have no disgusting tales of poop.*

Instead, I have a skeery story about how I got half way to work yesterday before I realized that my black and white pinstriped blazer over my leopard print sweater/black scarf combo was in fact NAVY. I know. Gasp. Now, I love me a little pattern and color mixing and dig navy with black, but that was just 31 flavors of wrong in person. Trust.

You can't tell here though, so here go. Here is yesterday. Yesterdaaaay, all my troubles...oh, sorry.

Today though? Well, today I was having none of that, so I broke out twelvity-five things in ivory and black and managed to match in public. It's safe to bring the kids back in the room now.

And, I'm finally wearing this vintage 80s dress I got for ONE WHOLE DOLLAR at the Jewish Resale store earlier this year. I know. One dollar. Here it is in all its glory and then with the scarf and jacket I donned to fend off the chilly chill outside.

Love the stitching detail on this jacket. You can't tell but my shoes are an oxford peep toe shoe with cutouts and the same stitching detail. Imagine it if you will. You really have no choice.

And, and, and, I got my hair done last night and it's a wee bit darker and a million times less skanky feeling, so I'm showing my face/head region so Shan can't say "I can't see your face. I can't see your hurr." It truly is a new day.


* Oh, and I really don't have a gross poop story. Unless you count the time I had to employ the aid of a wire coat hanger because the plunger wasn't doing its job. Shudder. It haunts my dreams. I only recount this tale because Shan will if I don't.

Dress: Vintage resale
Jacket: Priorties (Dillards)
Shoes: The Maxx
Scarf: Land's End via the Scholar Shop resale
Belt: Vintage resale


Nichole @ Parlour said...

Love this entire look. Maybe because I am a sucker for black and, the scarf makes me jealous!

Nikosmommy said...

Now this I like, the dress-tights combo is fabulous!!!

Kelly said...

Your hair looks amazing!! Love the dress - it is super flattering on you!

Melanie said...

Amy, I want your hair. it's gorgeous!!!! Happy Wednesday :)

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

I like the Navy! Why the hell NOT navy! I bet it looked better than you think! Just sayin...
Great looks! You two are so funny!

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