Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WWD: Love To Love You, Baby

I am so glad that Miz Shellfish (as you know her, Shan) did an ode to things she loves in her WWD below today. I gotta keep it real: I have been really down and depressed and in a real funk lately and started a reboot of my system last night that consists of SNAPPING OUT OF IT.

So, imagine my delight to find a post about the positive. A POSTitive, if you will. And, I will.

I love my body. Okay, not really but I'm trying to reprogram my brain to stop saying, "You've gotten fat and totally out of shape again. Ugh." about 37 times a day. So there, I love me. All of me.

I love new hats. Today's sartorial statement is due to the fact that I had a doctor's appt today to have her take a looksy at an issue going on outside my head. (Always working on the issues inside my head.) I thought it might be nice to go sans hair product and give her at least a shot at getting her fingers back out of my hair the way they went in.

I also love when the doctor gives you samples of the meds they prescribe. Yay, free stuff!

I love sweet potatoes.

I love Shan.

I love all my friends. The ones that talk me down off the ledge last night (dat you, G). The one that randomly sent a $250 check donation for my non-profit.

I love my husband who may or may not read this, but if he does...I would you to let me know by putting a teeny word balloon that says "nice hat" by the dead moth on the stairs that we keep walking around instead of picking up.

I love my new Epic 4G phone even though I'm still trying to figure it out. I kinda get what all the iPhone fuss is about now. Guilty as charged.

I love this exchange between Shan and me yesterday about my new phone.

Shan: "I still have my phone made of corn."
Me: "Is that why your outgoing voicemail message sounds so husky?"

Annnnd, scene.

I love to love you, baby.

Blah blah,

Hat: Burlington
Striped blouse: Resale
Shoes/Pants: The Penney
Crewneck: F21


this free bird said...

hang in there my dear. you're cute, have a nice nose, look great in green AND a hat, AND you have a very phancy iphone.

plus shan as a friend and she is AWESOME, too.


ps-i saw my cellulite in the mirror 2 days ago and scared the sh*t out of myself. this induced a diet change and a daily power walk. i'm on day 2. you can do it!

Kelly said...

You look so pretty in that hat! Glad you were able to find some positives in your day! I am cracking up about the bug - that is so something my husband would do!

myedit said...

Nice phone pun... my husband's family is all over the puns so I thought I would share your line with him. Too bad he is asleep on the couch right now...