Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WWD: Love In the Time of Polka Dots

WARNING: Goofy Photo Barrage Ahead
Stuff I Love:
1) Wal Mart brand Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal. It's like Christmas in a bowl.
2) The sugar maple tree that is outside of our bedroom window. At certain times of day, our entire bedroom is red from the light bouncing off it.

3) Coffee. 'Nuff said.

4) Not washing my hurr everyday. I don't know what hurr-do voodoo my hurrdresser did last weekend, but I'm loving getting up, brushing out the ends and throwing in some hurrspray.
5) My hurrdresser: See number four above.

6) The website antiduckface. Please do not submit any of these photos to it. PLEASE???!!!!

7) Finding something new at the store and knowing EXACTLY what it will look perfect with in your closet.

8) Lipstain that looks like you've been eating a popsicle.

9) Watching your kiddos do crooked somersaults down the hallway.

10) Friends. Amy Bo Bamy is like my brotha from anotha motha. I love huh like no otha. (You can call me The Situation).

11) The fact that tummy tucks exist in the world.

12) See number eleven above. Surrsly. What IS that?!!

13) Sore muscles the day after a good workout.

14) Getting a shiner from sex and giggling to yourself every time someone asks, "Ooooooh, WHAT HAPPENED????" Sorry sis - it's FUNNY.
14A) The fact that the girl who helped cater our last event at work, when she saw it, immediately asked, "Did you get that from having sex? I hurt my knee falling off the bed having sex, and got right back up and went back to it."

15) The fact that shoes exist in the world.

16) The anticipation of date night with The Hubs. Maybe I'll get a matching shiner to go with the one I already own!!!
So what do YOU love?
Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Steve Madden
Yellow bracelet: The Limited
Blue Bracelet: Old Navy


Jen L said...

Quit talking about it, you're grossing me out!

Natasha said...

I love YOU and I love that you're grossing your sister out. And I know the Equate Brand Oatmeal you speak of. It is SOOO good and so much tastier than the name brand version.

Courtnee said...

OMG a good sex injury is friggin' AWe-some!! (especially when you can gross your sister out with the deets!)

I love that I can watch Jon Stewart and Conan every night now! My love of kind of awkward but wicked smart and wicked funny white boys is never ending;)

I love obscenely large coctail rings from f21 b/c they're like $5!

and I LOOOOOVE that sweater!

Jackie said...

Dang, a shiner from sex? Work it girl! Great outfit-love those shoes!!

Mommy Moxie said...

Shoes? To die for...
Skirt? Love the dots...
Shiner from sex? YOU ROCK!
The anitduckface site? I almost pissed myself! Too damn funny.

Thanks for keepin' us in stitches ;)

this free bird said...

i don't know where the hell i was when i missed this but i am peeing my pants laughing.