Monday, November 15, 2010

WWD: Lord & Tailor

Is what I need on this vintage Lord & Taylor silktastic wrap dress up in here. I think I managed to rig it up enough with a belt where you can't tell today, but it could use a little tailoring next time around.

Since it's chilly willy, this is how I'm actually wearing it today. So, I think we're all safe to move about the cabin. You can relax now.

Dress: vintage
Sweater (which has cute details like puffy sleeves that you can't see here): The Penney
Shoes: Chinese Laundry

I have no idea why my camera phone decided to give this shot the Barbara Walters Special lens treatment, but it's the best shot of my earrings that I got. So, grab some kleenex and join us. It's going to be a very revealing and emotional next minute.

There. Now you can appreciate the vintage scarab necklace and the fantastical print on this dress. It might be my favorite printed frock that I own. Until I buy my next favorite. Not that I BINGE SHOP LIKE SOME PEOPLE. I would never do that...ahem.
As for Shan's post below. This is where she and I part ways. I'm on my 3rd bloody mary already this morning and brought crack for lunch. Deeeelicious.

Dear Amy,
Yay!!! You're playing along! Let's get some things straight:

a) I. Love. That. Dress. Please send it to me immediately WITH THE SCARAB NECKLATHE THAT YOU STOLE OUT FROM UNDER ME thankyouberrymuch.
b) I love that dress with the black opaque tights.
c) I love that dress with the black opaque tights and the sweater. Perfection.
d) I'm not mentioning that scarab necklathe again, but YOU know what the right thing to do is. DO IT.
e) I think SOME people need to put Jeff Van Vonderhoovenlanderson on speed dial, and by "SOME people," I mean YOU.

Crack is whack, Whitney Houston. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
That's all I gots.



Kelly said...

I love the pattern and color of this dress!