Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WWD: The Great White What?

This tunic is one I scored at the Goodwill this weekend. It's White Stag. From Wal Fart. From the larger ladies' section. I'm telling you this because at one time I would've looked at the tag and said, "Uh, size 22/24 White Stag? No thanks." Yep, I can be snotty like that when I wanna be. Howevs, the shirt is cute. And cheap. And I liked it when I tried it on, so it came home wif me.

Granted, I'm not quite as excited about this outfit as I was about the shirt wif my dark blue flared jeans this weekend, but I guess a "meh" outfit every now and then is okay, right? RIGHT?! Hold me...

I just wish there were more pattern going on in this. A pair of wide legged glen-plaid trousers would be marvy with it.

Instead, I have these navy blue F21 pantalones. Not turrible, just not too exciting.

Not to mention that my photos this a.m. are craptastic. Seriously. Some mornings I'm all Steven Meisel up in hurr, but this morning it's more like Awkward Family Photos. By the by, have you visited that site? If not, click here and get ready to LIVE.

Me likey the thin metallic pinstripes in this tunic, and the balloontastic sleeves. What I no like? That I am wearing The World's Loudest Jewreys. Surrsly - that necklace clanks against the buttons and makes me sound like I'm workin on a chain gang. Ah well, at least I'm announcing my entrance wherever I go today. Also annoying? That when I got home from thrifting this weekend, I washed all of the clothing so as to avoid a situation like this from my homegirl 406 Olivia, and washed what actually looked like a brand new navy blue military jacket. I debated washing it because it looked like it had never been worn. Did it anyway. Mistake. It shrunk a wee bit (not so much that I can't wear it), but is COVERED with lint, and I'm going to have to take a mayjah iron to it. I don't know if you know this, but ironing is against my religion. I HATE to iron almost as much as I hate to sweep and swiffer my kitchen floors 47 times a day (which, SGM, is why they always look apparently like we have a cleaning lady who does that for us. I can assure you, we do not. I can also assure you that if you saw them just after a meal, you would probably lose your lunch all over them, as it looks like the three stooges do every day). BUT I DIGRESS. Back to my jacket. Apparently I'm going to have to coddle it a bit before it will be presentable. Keep your fingers crossed, and please feel free to share your own thrifting horror stories (whether they be inappropriate stains, or a washing that shrunk a garment right outta your life).
Tunic: Thrifted
Pantalones: F21
Gold Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Rachel Roy
Earrings: Aldo


Natasha said...

Well, I told you about the time I found a few of the clothes I gave away to charity in a thriftstore.... but there was the other time I tried on this Issaz M for Target sheath dress - and then couldn't get it off. TS dressing rooms are NOT secluded and these rooms were right by the register. Everyone in the front part of the store heard me struggling, but I eventually got that SOB off. I'm uncertain if that rip was there before I tried it on, though. (oooops!)

406 Olivia said...

If a thrift store score is unworn (like with original tags/whatnot), I don't wash it first. But don't listen to the lady who wears thrifted pants with someone else's urine in 'em!

Thanks for the b-day wishes.


Cathy W. said...

The only thrift store horror story I have is when I bought a cropped green jacket for $1 (yay!) with a stain on the sleeve that I KNEW I could get out. Guess what? It didn't come out.....bummer! Get the navy jacket pressed at the dry cleaners. It's worth the money to save yourself the struggle of ironing (which I too abhor!).

Jenny said...

I hate to iron too, ick! I am in love with that agate necklace!

this free bird said...

girl i love your size 22/24 tunic - that color is awesome on you. i also love that you used the word fart.


Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

HEY! I alwasy buy bigger sizes! In fact, I buy maternity too! NO JOKE!
When I feel better, I will do a few posts featuring them! Larger sizes are perfect for the "sexy off the shoulder" look!