Monday, November 8, 2010

WWD: Cat Food Chic

These are from last week and I never hit ye olde "post" button. Mainly because I can't tell if I look more like a bag lady who dines on cat food or an Olsen. Someone needs to bust out some more tailored clothing.

Then again, now that I relook at it, it look COMFORTABLE and I want to curl up in that sweater from the new Nordstrom rack here in the Lou again.

Any sweater, actually. What gives weather? Big old tease with some cool temps and then go back up to Spring-like digits. Not right.

These jeans need to be taken to the tailor but isn't it fun when you think "I need to go out and buy some flares" and then you think "maybe I should check that huge pile of jeans in the corner of the closet shelf that I keep on keeping on 'just in case', ya' know" and you find what you almost went out to find to buy.

So you bust out the iron-on hem tape before work and toss in some weathered leather granny shoes.

Some random earrings.

A vintage Trifari necklace.
And there you have it, friends. Closet Shopping 101 For Dummies/Bag Ladies/Olsens.
Blah Blah,
Oh, AND, funny enough. The Mister dated the lead in Open Water in High School. His 25 HS Reunion is over Thanksgiving, Shan. If Sue is there, I will be sure and tell her THANK YOU VERY LITTLE for making you so afeared.


The Girlie Blog said...

Fantastic jewelry! Love the card!