Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: B. Jones

It has been waaay too long since we have had any girl-on-girl action here. When I came across B. Jones' blog yesterday and sent the link to Amy, our first thought was, "what an a$$hole," and by "what an a$$hole," we clearly mean, "we are insanely jealous of your wardrobe, your hurr, your teeny tiny waist, your shoes, your job, and we would love if you would be besties with us forever and ever and ever, and would you wear this half a half a heart necklace with all of our names engraved on it? And oh yeah, we are NOT stalkers."

I seriously had a helluva time editing down my favorite ensemble photos of Miz. Jones, because I LOVED THEM ALL. However, as painful as it was, below are some of my really REALLY favey crocketts. Like, for real. Enjoy the eye candy, and B? Call us....

Shan: As I said in my comment on her post for the photo above - Oh My Hail to the NO YOU DIN'T. Stripes and plaid all wrapped up in one big camelicious jackety bow? Do you hear the angels singing, cuz I do.

Ames: For the love of all things ribbed for pleasure, my eyes just made babies with her outfit. She just happened to have the perfect striped shirt for those pants? First outfit post and I'm already over her. (Not really...call us.)

Shan: Leopard. Vintage. Dress. Thud.

Ames: Yeah, I pretty much look like this straight out of bed. What's the big deal?

Shan: Easy breezy tank dress over vintage slip dress + floppy straw hat = modern day flapper at the beach.

Ames: I assure you. I did not look like this on vacay recently. Hmpfh.

Shan: I know we don't need to go over why I love this vintage kimono jacket over stripes over thrifted bedazzled belt, DO WE??????

Ames: No, Shan, we don't. We're onto you.

Shans: I AM recreating this look with my new be-shelled belt a la Goodwill. Stay tuned for it.

Ames: You did NOT get a belt like this at Goodwill.

Shans: Sh!tballs - she even looks this adorable in ripped jeans, plaid layered over stripes layered over tee?

Ames: Surrsly, this might be my fave of all. Who the crap looks this cute in this ensemble? Uh uh. Devil woman.

Shans: I have a tingle in my lady parts for this grey monochromatic look. It's monochromantic.

Ames: That does it. She is not of this earth.

Shans: Love her California breezy laid back effortless yet badass chic. Sweats and a fur collar? One would think that might not work. One would be incorrect.

Ames: One would be very, very wrong. One would also not look this cool in it.

Shan: Carrie Bradshaw, is it you? That sh!t ain't right.

Ames: Michael and Nina would probably say this was a couch or curtains and would once again be polar opposite of me in their critique. It's pretty fab.

Shan: This color-blocked confection is fan-frigging-tastic. My alleged description of said ensemble is lame-frigging-o. My apologies.

Ames: I am officially done with the internet. I hope she is happy.


head over heels said...

this post made me laugh all the way through, i love your blog! and its true no one should look this freaking perfect all the time its unfair on the rest of us :( x

Peetzi Jen said...

I have laughed so hard at you two that I now have a pain in my eyeball socket and tea up my nose. I hope you're happy.

Kelly said...

LOL - seriously - I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD! my son is looking at me like - wtf mom?!

You are too funny!!

I agree though - total girl crush.

this free bird said...

shoot me now

Sarah loves it all said...

She is so amazing. I'm so glad you directed me to her blog! Never seen it before!!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Been following her for a while. I hate love her... What a wardrobe!