Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's the Most Guilt-Laden Time Of the Yeeeear

Ahhhh, nothing says Happy Holidays like familial guilt. Let me start by saying I have a HUGE extended family. My parents each have eight siblings, so there are literally a sh!t ton of aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides. My dad's side are older and more spread out, so we really don't see them except at Christmas, but my mom's side live closer, so each Thanksgiving and Christmas, mom and I begin the "who are you inviting to dinner" dance, which I loathe.

I don't mind hosting Turkey Day at my house for a smaller, intimate group, but when the group starts to number in the 20s or 30s, I have to draw the line. You see, in our family, you can't invite this bunch without inviting that bunch, or these people without all of their chillruns and chillruns' chillruns. It is ridic.

So I invited my parents (duh) and one of my aunts, who was widowed many years ago. Last week, mom calls up to ask if I also "wanted to invite XXX to dinner." I did not. I said, "I don't really have it in my to do dinner for XXX and all of their kids."

"But their kids all have to work on Thanksgiving."
"Really?" I said, "I didn't know they all had a job, and who works on Thanksgiving? I'll think about it."
"Well, I'm going to see XXX at lunch today."
"I'll THINK about it. If I decide to, I'll e-mail her."
"Well, Thanksgiving is next week. You need to do it now."
(Really? I thought - Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK???? You don't say...)
"I can e-mail her on Monday if I decide to."

Fast forward to Monday. Mom called at work to see if I had invited her. I had not. Went thru the scenario again. Said, "Mom - if you want to spend Thanksgiving with XXX, invite them to your house." Fast forward to mom saying, "Well, whatever. I'll talk to you later. Bye." and hanging up snippily.
Lord, thank you for my family. ALL of them. But give me patience to get through this season without having a melt-down.
I'm getting a big fat cold-sore on my lip. Courtesy of stress. THANKS, MOM.
In honor of the many 1970s family holidays I personally attended, I am dressed entirely in thrifted/vintage (except for shoes and urrings). HOLLA!
Don't forget to enter our CSN giveaway here. I was kind of vague on the original post, so I'm giving you until midnight tonight to enter, and will announce the winnah winnah chicken dinnah tomorrow. Good luck!!
Suede Jacket: Goodwill
Blouse: Goodwill
Jeans that veer DANGEROUSLY into mom jeans territory: Garage sale
Necklace: Twas me mum's, and still has pics of me and my sis inside, to which the Trips refer to as "Baby Mommy" and "Baby Aunt Jenny." So frigging cute I just died.
Shoes: Target
Urrings: Charming Charlie's


Courtnee said...

Ohmygaahh....I love that jacket! This combination is perfection!

Family guilt-wouldn't be the holidays without a dose of it. My husband works on Thanksgiving so we're doing our dinner on Weddnesday. I'm not telling anyone because I don't want the extra drama and I selfishly want my kids and my hubs all to myself. It's kind of mean but I just can't deal this year.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Dude!! I just said NO to everyone this year! I was all
HELL NO actually
love the jacket! You are genius with clothes mah dear!

Kelly said...

Ugh I hear you! I got so annoyed I left my mom and mother in law to duke it out!!

On a happy note - the blouse is fabulous!

this free bird said...

i think our mother's miiiight be related...only mine's also got anger management problems. ya don't say!


myedit said...

I like the vintage jeans... not mom-ish at all...
And holiday family drama? A tradition like turkey eating?