Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's All In the Details

Details, details, details. I randomly collect photos from the blogosphere when they strike my fancy, and more often than not, it is because of the small, special details in them, whether those details are a pair of fab-u-lous urrings, the hair and makeup, or the way two seemingly opposite pieces are paired together in a way that makes you say - why didn't I think of that? Each of the photos below represent such spot-on detailery. Yes, that's a word - I just made it one.
Get ready to swoon.

The above two photos are taken from a series that Jeana Sohn is doing on romps through fabulous closets of fabulous women. They're of Deborah Kaplan, and her entire series of photos? Buh-nanas. Sick and wrong. These two were easily my favorites. Just check those urrings, and do not EVEN get me started on that embroidered peacock blue short kimono-y, shawl thing she is wearing. Gorge. Check out the rest of her photos here.

Is there anyone better than The Sartorialist at capturing the essence of chic? Methinks not. Polka dot, 50s style dress? Check. Leopard pumps? Guh. And check. Chunky bratheleth in contrasting color? Trifecta of chic perfection.

I pulled the three photos above from In Staley's Atmosphere, and I just love the combo of super-glam sequins, rich patterns, chunky knits, and even menswear that equates to a big steaming bowl of bohemian luxe.

Leighton Meester, via Idle Fascination. Her hurr and makeup here is amazing. If I could get away with that deep, smudgy, smokey eye I would make it my signature look and rock it every day. The simple topknot and pulled back messy bun/pony hybrid she has going in the last photo just elevate it to the stratosphere (well, that sick effing jacket that she has on in the bottom photo doesn't hurt, either).

The above two photos courtesy of Life In Travel, which usually features blogger Hanh in amazing shoes, clothing, and jewelry, but who here brings jewreys from Hanna Bernhard, who did a collection of - excuse my language - amazing fucking jewelry - with designer Essa. I'm sorry, but that's the only way to describe it. Come ON. That GIGANTOR scarab in the bottom photo? I just peed myself.

This photo from My Super Sweet Fashion Diary may be my favorite one from this post, because it would be supah dupah easy to recreate. Lit-e-rally. I mean, it's a navy blazer, white button down, jeans, with a fab studded belt and slammin statement necklace. Totes recreating this one next week. Stay tuned....
Deets can make or break an outfit. They elevate a simple classic (or sometimes even the mundane) to something that can reeeeaaaalllly make you stand out. So what are YOUR favey crocketts in the world-o-details? Are you a hat girl? Do you j'adore cocktail rings? Have a signature lipstick? Always wear red shoes with your ensemble? Share. This is a safe place.


Nuha Sofiyan said...

These pictures are great! I love photos that you are instantly inspired by! xoxo

Kelly said...

Gorgeous pics!! And that scarab necklace - beyond fabulous!!