Monday, November 22, 2010

I Need Help.

Oh Good Gawd no - I just googled Black Friday images, and this one came up, and I can't believe I am even FATHOMING going out on Friday to score a $250 40" flat screen TV from TEEER-get. Surrsly. Please don't make me.

As much as I love to shop, I have never gone out on B.F. and don't want to now, but word on the streets is that Target is going to have said flat screen on the cheap. To those of you who live for B.F., is there an online version of it? How do I take advantage of it? I googled a bit this morning but just got overwhelmed.

Any tips to score that particular piece of electronica, or do The Hubs and I continue to live with our 13" (no lie) teeeeny tiny TV and a set of binoculars on our bedside table?



Diana Mieczan said...

I wish I could help...Hope you will find it,sweetie

this free bird said...

Girl a friend of mine gets up at 1:30 am, makes a list and starts clicking her ass off at 3am...but I think sometimes they start that shiz early. I wish we lived closer together. I'd get my helmet and padding on to take that place by storm!!!

Paula said...

personal shopper? and costco usally has great deals, too.

406 Olivia said...

Three words: Don't do it!

Two more words: The end.

Kelly said...

The thought of going out on Black Friday gives me hives. I shop online - you can usually get some good deals

Cathy W. said...

My advice - send the hubs! That's what I did last year. He went to Walmart to score a few items on the boys' lists. He said the whole place smelled like morning breath - yucko! But, we saved a few dollas!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Ugh. Thanks for the advice ladies. I think I have talked myself out of going. Like Kelly - it gives me hives just thinking about it!


Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Ha! Last year my husband was DETERMINED to get a flat screen super cheap from Target on Black Friday. They opened at like 4am and he "over slept" until 5 - there was a little, ahem, wine imbibed the night before. And he said it was all dark and quiet driving there so he was all confident that he would score one and then the minute he was within a mile of Target it was like a circus and the parking lot was a circus and it was only like 5:15am! And he said he took one step inside and then turned right around. The tvs were all gone. We laugh about it all the time, If you knew my husband. It was super funny.

hal900 said...

cyber monday is the 29th- tons of deals online with half the hassle expect you'll have to get up early to shop the deals- hey at least you can do it in your jammies!