Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Need Help, The Home Edition.

So. We have this giant wall in our living room, and right now I have a painting over our sofa. Howevs, I feel like I need something else, and I'm not sure what to DO with it. Just turn it into an art wall? Find an even bigger piece to trade out? The ceilings are 12 feet, so it can definitely handle something large and in charge. What do you think? Here are some pics of the space.

Since The Trips have been so mobile, I have avoided putting a lot of stuff out to avoid having them tear into it (which they totally would/have/arrrggghh), and I feel like a lot of our home is just devoid of personality, which drives me to the brink of insanity. There, I'm insane. Didn't take much. I guess that's what the overuse of duct tape and zip ties will do to a girl.
I love the room, espesh with our windows, but I'm also wondering if I should add another color to the space. Whaddaya fink? I have a funky octagonal side table that Ames got me at thrift that I STILL need to paint, and have been thinking about an orange lacquer - would that be too much with the peacockulous curtains?
What's this, you ask? Well, it's pegboard to hide our TV components. And zip-ties. A triplet mom's best friend.

And lookie here - someone has taken the liberty of decorating it themselves. Nice.

So let's hear it, peeps. Give me your feedback on what to do with that big giant wall. Tell me your thoughts, opinions, hopes, dreams. Share. This is a safe place.



Jill GG (good life for less) said...

I am loving the window/drapes combo! Very nice... I have been in love with this inspiration lately: mmmmm pink... mmmm fur! (the second picture down) You could paint a big canvas (or piece or wood or something).... and I bet the trips would love some fur throws! I have seen DIY's to make your own, or IKEA has fakies for $12.

406 Olivia said...

A few things:

1) My 10-YO daughter said, "Mom, I just love that room, don't you?" The answer? Yes, yes I do.

2) Turquoise velvet drapes? Are you effing kidding me?!?! I'm trying to be thankful today, not covetous!

3) I love that drippy art you have there and want you to get him some artsy fartsy friends and make a gallery there on that big ol' wall...

4) A little off course, but I'm thankful for YOU!

merciblahblah said...

Jill - Oooooh, love that site. I hadn't seen it before, but they have some GREAT stuff. Yep - I could even do giant plywood boards, leaned against the wall even (secured, of course) on either side of the sofa). Cool idea.

Ooooolivia - why thanks. I don't know if it's just me being so used to the space, but I'm bored with it. I appreciate your AND your daughter's lurvly comments. The curtains are actually silk (or a close semblance thereof) and not velvet (I WISH). I think an art wall could indeed be cool. I still have photos from our trip to California that I want to get turned into canvas wall art, plus a peacock painting I found at a garage sale FOREVER ago that I need to find another frame for. I could deffo put those in an art wall montage.

Awww, you're tho thweet. I'm thankful for you too!!!


Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I'm no help (sorry) but I had to tell you I'm in love with those drapes and windows. GORGEOUS!!

Jill said...

Tall floor lamps on either side of the sofa.
You could move the ottoman between the two leather chairs. Art books on them...something with color. Then add two small colorful oocasional tables in front of sofa. Small decorative bolster pillows on leather chairs to tie in with drapery fabric.
A live plant somewhere, possibly onn a pedestal near the windows.

Diana Mieczan said...

I really like the piece you have there already but I see your point about getting something bigger...I adore your drapes and windows...I am such a sucker for huge windows:)
Have a lovely day and amazing weekend

corksandcaftans said...

I would definitely leave the painting, then stack 2/3 paintings (chocolate or black lacquer frames) on top of each other on either side, to frame out the painting. Mrs Howards (my idol) does this perfectly to busy up walls with a certain symmetry/mismatched feel that is perfect.

check out her blog... Mrs Howards Personal Shopper


livingladurée said...

Your windows and drapes...I died! Beautiful! I have the same problem with a 12 foot wall in my kitchen/family area. I framed a huge piece of vintage wallpaper and hung two deer heads (not real) on it for a a statement piece. You could just frame large wallpaper remnants like these...

Love Summer Thorton...Love Merci Blah Blah more:)



Jackie said...

Orange lacquer-yes. do it. now. As for the wall above the sofa-3 ginoromous b&w pics of the trips on canvas. One for each, in a candid pose. I swear, it will be adorbs. All the cool kids are doin it.