Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Swan

Do you ever get an idea for an outfit, and suddenly, it's like the heavens open up, the angels sing, and you think, "Why haven't I thought to put this together before now? It's so simple?!" No? Just me?

This summer I found a black sheer chiffony knife pleated hugely full vintage skirt - I'm guessing from the 50s, and snapped it up for about $1.50 at a local charity shop. Loved it, had some ideas for it, was inspired by similar things I had seen on the fabulous Nini Style (check her pink Comme des Garcons skirt and tank here, and sheer pleated lingere/dress + OTKs here) and Aureta's Blog (ch-ch-check her DOPE gold thread vintage pleated skirt here) but for whatever reason, I just had never worn it. Until now. And I fear you, lurvly readers, may grow weary of it because I have truly discovered how frigging AWESOME it is. I feel like a bad-ass ballerina in it.

Because it IS sheer (and I don't have the balls to wear it with a pair of black bloomers a la Nini), I dug out an old BCBG sequin skirt to wear under it. I love how you can juuuust see a bit of sparkle depending on the light. Then I added a simple black vee neck sweater, and of course, my wide black buckle belt, along with some nude pumps and studded and snakey accessories. J'adore!
Speaking of J'adore, I think my next spin-o-the-skirt may be with a DIY j'adore tee, lady-like cardi, and my OTKs. Can't waaaaait.
I also did my nails last night, and they are one of my favorite parts of the whole ensemble. Did them in two coats of black, then topped them with two coats of sparkly opalescent topcoat. The end result makes me think of a shiny black beetle.

I apologize for geeking out about the ensemble. I really reeeeally prefer for my posts these days to be about "something" rather than just, "hey, here's what I wore," but it was like Christmas came early when this inspiration struck.

So tell me - what's YOUR favorite "inspired ensemble" that you've put togeva lately?
Sweater: Target
Skirt: Charity shop
Underskirt: BCBG
Shoes: Steve Madden
Snake Necklace/Studded cuff: Charming Charlie's


Nichole @ Parlour said...

I'm really diggin' this one! I hear the angels singing too!

Natasha said...

You know that I spent many years hating clothes, but now that the hate is waning and I'm beging to love my body I am really geeking out over outfits. I'd have to say the ensemble I wore to the Fireman's ball was a recent favorite.

Love you!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Bad Ass is right woman! You're rockin this like crazy...
those other blogs are "fun" but
I like our blogs better. How does one afford all that designerness? No kids obviously ! Or stretchmarks or cellulite
Okay I'm jealous.
Whatever, I love the skirt! I want one too :)

406 Olivia said...

You taunt me every time you wear that belt! And your pictures are especially lovely today for some reason...

Jenny said...

You just blew my mind! This outfit is just WOW!

Kelly said...

I love the term "Bas ass ballerina"!

Describes this outfit perfectly!

TheOnlineStylist said...

Love the outfit and love the nails too - need to paint mine this afternoon now! Happy Belated Thanksgiving & Black Friday.... now roll on Christmas! xxx