Monday, November 29, 2010

All Aboard The Pain Traaaaainnnnn

Thank GOD I am back on the working out train (as opposed to the Hot Tamale Train - see Mary Murphy and insert annoying WOO WOOOOOOO here...). I think I have done some sort of physical activity every day for the last week, whether it has been P90X stuff at home, or a class at the gym. Today my hamstrings and lower back are KILLING from doing 987 dead lifts in class yesterday. I think Trish the instructor (who is like Jillian Michaels tough) was trying to punish us for having eaten Nutter Butters the night before. She admitted having eaten them, and said, "They have NOTHING to do with Thanksgiving, so I have no idea why I ate them, and I am feeling sluggish this morning," then proceeded to punish us mightily. Uh, thanks?

No matter, I love the feeling of sore muscles, and am actually looking forward to yoga today. For the love of John Cougar Mellencamp, that is going to HURT SO GOOD. She also made the comment in class, "I feel SORRY for people who don't work out, who don't get it." It's true, but I am also conflicted about that statement, having been on the other side of the equation. I have worked out enough now to know how much better I feel (in general, about myself, etc.) when I am more active, but it is soooo easy to fall off the wagon, lay around and eat McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestives and watch TV, and so much harder to force oneself to get up at 5 a.m. to get in a workout before everyone else gets up.

I don't know why I have chosen now to get back into it, after being in a totally sluggish rut through the dog days of summer, when there are fewer (and thinner) layers of clothing to hide behind, but I am glad my brainial region is back in that frame of mind to JUST DO IT. Hey Nike - I GET IT.

I also appreciate the fact that Trish, who told me once she is 46, easily looked better than anyone in the class (granted, she is TEACHING the class) but even compared to girls less than half her age? No contest. It reinforces the lesson that the hard work pays off. Yes, I realize for some people it's in your genes, but I also know that there is no magic pill, there is no overnight fix. It's simple yet the hardest thing ever all rolled into one big complex ball - calories burned should exceed calories in. Get up and MOVE, and not just cardio - it's too easy to become one of those skinny people with no definition - it's resistance too.

Find something enjoyable, something you like to do, and do it. Is it running (for me, HELL to the no), cycling (see running), dance (sign me up, please), kickboxing (DOUBLE yes), boot camp (I'm a sucker for punishment), or a good old weight class (I was amazed at all of the lean bodies in class yesterday - but Trish STILL looked best :-)
Don't get me wrong. I'm human and believe you me I know there will come a time when I may possibly fall off the wagon again - I've done it before. But eventually I also know I'll get back on and start again. I'll deal with those demons when they decide to visit. So how bout you? What gets you moving? Or conversely, what holds you back? Share. This is a safe place.
Tuxedo jacket: NY&Co
Grey tee: Target
Faux leatha skinnies: Target (seven dollah to make you hollah)
Flats: Old Navy
Earrings: F21
Shorter tassel necklace: F21
Long tassel necklace: Thrifted


Cathy W. said...

Good for you Shannan! I feel like crap if I don't work out a few times a week. We are lucky enough here to have The Firm studio (the real deal from the videos you see in Target and on TV!) I work out with all of those instructors that you see on the infomercials and they kick butt! Cardio with strength training - that's what I love!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

yay for working out... I love it (most of the time) and always do it 2- 3 times a week - some times more feverishly than others. I completely agree with you on running and cycling... heck no! I like to take the classes where the instructor looks amazing - such is the case for my pilates class. If I can look half as good as her, then you BETTER believe I am drinking her kool-aid. The spin instructors always look half neanderthal to me and who wants to look like that? Pshaw.

So pilates and crazy-a#$ top 40 music on my ipod gets me through the elliptical and weights and endless, endless abs work! That's how I "Just do it".

Kelly said...

So what do you think of the P90x so far? I started up again yesterday and I am already feeling it! I have to say, I am a glutton for punishment and love running - although I am afraid to go fast with the jogging stroller b/c I am afraid I will smack into someone! LOL

406 Olivia said...

I hate to admit that I'm fickle when it comes to my fitness...I hit it hard when I (finally) notice the extra pounds--usually winter weight--then slack off once I see results. Silly, I know. But, like you, I dig the hardcore stuff like boot camp, free weights and kickboxing. Actually, I get into running too. Running just makes me feel like an athlete. ALL athletes run.

Jill said...

Totally shallow comment...I love your curls!

this free bird said...

girl you are lookin hottie mctottie (just made that up?) right her. HOTSTER!

i'm going to work it on out to some pe-lah-tays shortly. in your honor. and my a**'s too.


Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

I'm with ya woman!!! I need to get reeeel bout my assests!
I wanna pair of those leggings--
gonna stalk my Target fur sure...
You're beautiful!

GiGi said...

ummm...if you are at your local targ's and see more of those leggin's, help a sistah out will ya??

you look FABS!!!