Monday, October 4, 2010

WWD: Zoo-ropa

Some deets on the zoo ensemble I thought I'd share witchooooo. Tucker for Target blouse which I apparently cannot stop wearing. Navajo print long cardigan, Target. Loves the combo of these prints togeva. Jeans from me sis in Germany; Boots, Frye via eBay.

Oh look, there's kitty Pickles behind me. He's like a ghost, that one.

Scarab necklace, garage sale; Snake necklace, Charming Charlie's

Well hello, Mr. Elephant. how are you? I love the curl of your trunk, by the way.

Yo camel, whassup? This reminds me of a couple of dreams that I had, and a poem I wrote a month or so ago that I have been hanging on to. I haven't written poetry in YEARS. I used to write it all the time. It was such an outlet, like playing the piano is for me. Like an emotional cleansing. A cleansing of the soul. Don't know why I got away from writing it, but I figure I can share it here, right? This is a safe place. Here goes. Don't judge.

In Dreams
I dreamt that
I rode a white camel
my fingers curling in
thick, wooly cotton fur.
I whispered to him,
his liquid brown eyes hooded and fringed.
We spoke of a man,
his breath scented with cinnamon, cardamom and jasmine,
voice carried through mangrove trees
twisting like lazy smoke,
to evaporate in the
cool, velvet night.
I dreamt of my aunt who passed away earlier this year
and her house, which I happened upon by chance,
that had a young couple living in it, who had changed everything about
the soul of the house
with pink and brocade and stripes and gold
and they sat like wax figures at the kitchen table
while I walked through the house



emmy-ray said...

My 17 year old sister just told me about Charming Charlies. She bought me some great accessories for my birthday.