Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WWD: Thrifty

Luh-huh-uvvving the inspirations on Piperlime lately, espesh this big comfy blanket sweater little floral dress tights boots wrapped up look, and realized I had almost everything in my closet to knock this baby off. The best part? It's thrifty.

Don't beleeeeb me? Check it yo damn self.

Sweater, Kohl's LY, clearance; Dress, thrifted; Boots, thrifted.

Legwarmers turned OTK socks: Target; Craptastic grainy photo, Yours Truly.

We know you love your thrifty outfit, Shannan, but what DON'T you love? You may be wondering. Well, I'll tell you. I don't love that my crown popped out AGAIN whilst flossing last night. AGAIN? Uh, YEAH. The third crown in about a year's time to come out. I really really like my dentist, in fact, she's a family friend, but I cannot abide three crowns coming out in a year. Buh-bye, dentist. The only good part, if there IS a good part, is that I got an impromptu spa day, and by "spa day," I clearly mean "30 minutes of nitrous oxide." Mama loooooves the laughing gas. Mama is also phobic about going to the dentist, hence the liberal use of nitrous on my visits. Nitrous, I'll miss you most of all.
So fill me in - what are YOUR phobias? I'll give you one more - that when I'm driving down the road behind a semi or other large truck, I will not drive behind them if they're carrying a huge load of stuff. Call me crazy, but I have an irrational fear that whatever strap is holding it in said truck is going to bust and it'll all come flying through my windshield. Now you - GO!


Julie said...

When people pass me on the highway, I have an irrational fear that they are going to shoot me dead. I always duck, just a little.

(p.s. new reader here! I found you through Pretty Pleased when I think you won a giveaway I had been coveting. Glad I found you though.)

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

crowns coming out are definitely a phobia of mine (I hold them down while flossing! EEK!) and also I am the same with you... large trucks carrying large objects as well. YIKES! Triple-threat: I get laughing gas too. My dentist said that he tends to use it a lot with ladies in their 30's with young children at home. Um, yes. Do we tend to be a little HIGHT STRUNGGGGGGG???? I wonder??? Ha!

Courtnee said...

I never have the patience to find anything a Kohl's! All I ever see are piles and piles of crap..boo!Seriously jealous you found this cozy sweater there.

merciblahblah said...

Julie - yay! Glad you found us!

Jill - Get out of my brain, woman. And it's soooo nice that you included me in the ladies in their 30s category witchoo. Mwah!

Courtnee - That is typically my experience at Kohl's too. It is WAY too jam-packed in there, and the payoff is never enough for the work you have to do to find it. I did see some cute Lauren Conrad stuff on clearance the last time I was there, though, but since I'm on a self-imposed shopping diet, I passed it by. Sigh.

Perhaps my word verification says it best: MUCKSLU.


SGM said...

SPiders, and I'm esp jumpy this time of year b/c my husband hides one of our Halloween decoration spiders in my bed, in my book, in the silverware drawer, ETC. I have suffered approx 3 near heart-attacks in the past week. The spider is now in the TRASH.

merciblahblah said...

OOoooh Emily - you would not make it at our house. We are apparently Spidey Central this year. We're HQ for Eight-Legged Freaks. Call us Tarentella McSpiderson.Surrsly - there was a big old spider rave going on in my bathtub the other day. Simon and Gavin are alllll about spiders too, and will pick them up and bring them to my face, at which point I promptly scream, The Hubs laughs, and they laugh. Yeah hon - thanks for encouraging that behavior.


406 Olivia said...

I hear dat about semis...I live in logging country and I just know a log will become dislodged, shoot through my windshield and decapitate me.

I also have a fear of a spider in the toilet. Right now, it's flared up and I must lift the seat AND flush before I can sit down. Only at my house, though, because I found a spider in the bowl once and it took 3 flushes to drown...ick.

In other news, I adore this outfit, from the looks of it to the thriftiness to its wearablility and the fact that I can copy it too using items already in my own closet.

corksandcaftans said...

mmm. laughing gas.

I fear running out of wine.

The Girlie Blog said...

Love the dress and boots combo!