Monday, October 4, 2010

WWD: The Robe More Traveled

Short and sweet. I'm off here soon for D. C. a few days to do this. Which, is really no different than how much I normally post but annnnnnnyhoo.

My travel outfit must be comfy. Exhibit A. (There, I put my face in for you, Shans.)

Jacket? Robe?:Resale. Over tank and leggings. Pretty sure you guys can find tanks and leggings.
Booties: LY THE Penney (which will go the way of the dodo for some flats for travel)
Vintage scarab necklathe: Etsy. (SORRY, SHAN - you didn't tell me you were watching this until I had already nabbed it. SHEESH!)
Earrings: F21
Since we'll be like two ships passing in the night this week AND next, have super fun times on your vacation and take a lot of pictures for me. My vacation next week will consist of either bathing suits or excursion outfits so don't expect pictures of either of those fo sho.
You purty. Jacket/robe is a big buttery ball of oooey goooey goodness. As for the scarab necklathe which you STOLE from under me? You are dead to me. I to miss you.
Have The Funs (and NOT The Runs) in D.C. and on your vacay. I hope you are happy with yourself - I may actually have to WORK now.


Nichole @ Parlour said...

Kinda loving the jacket/robe. Boho/hippie cool.

The Girlie Blog said...

Beautiful jewelry!

SMASH said...

Um, I love this a lot!! I was just reading InStyle today and this totally looks like an outfit they would put together for their little occasion guides. That robe is dreamy :)


She Wore It Well said...

love your accessories! xo

She Wore It Well Blog