Friday, October 15, 2010

WWD: Picklicious

Kitty Pickles was TOTES trying to hone in on my Women's Wear Daily shots today.

Look at him here - he's all BITCH, PLEASE. Move out the way so I can get my shot.

and here he's all "I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY LASER BEAM SMIZE. Tyra, you ain't got NOTHIN on me."

Talk about attitude. Homegirl threw me the side eye. This was just before he tried to bitch-slap me, and we got into a HUGE throwdown.

I think you can tell by my smug expression who won.

Watch your back, Pickles. Try that again and I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN.
Jacket: ladieth night clothing swap; Striped tunic, H&M, a la Amy; faux leatha leggings, Urban Outfitters; OTK Boots, Sears



Dawn said...

Here is a post request. I need to justify buying the OTK boot for the season. Howevah, I am having issue coming up with how frequently I will really wear them. I need 4-5 outfit ideas on ways to show them off - this outfit is perfect, although must admit don't own any faux leather leggings.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Welllll, I justified it b/c these boots were only $35 from Sears. For reals. And I'll wear them like this, or with regular leggings, skinny jeans, skirts and tights (I personally like the look with the skirt juuuust comes above the top of the boots, because it almost makes them look like skinny leather pants). You could even do tights and shorts with a big chunky knit sweater. How do those work for ya?


Dobbygirl said...

OMG you crack me the heck up and I need that with this nasty sinus infection. Love the outfit, adore the captions!!!!

406 Olivia said...

OK, I'm starting to think I want in on the OTK boots after all...but please don't let the kitty burn me with its lasers anymore!

Amber's Notebook said...

HOT oufit!!! You rock those boots and I'm always a sucker for stripes! and I love you Halloween decor.

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this free bird said...

i look like a victim in otk boots. you freaking rock em!! and i love your faux leggins. L-O-V-E!

an all them jewrees too!!