Thursday, October 28, 2010

WWD: Outfits For Dummies

Today I give you the classic "dummy" of Friends vibe with a little "how you doin'" in this photo. Oh, the faces I make when looking into the phone screen to see how it looks. I include for your amusement.

Pretty simple dummy outfit today. Convenient as the boss asked me to do something in Outlook that I don't know how to do and even the internet help is on my nerves. Must be in the water today, Shan. We should switch to wine.

Jeans: Old Navy
Jacket: vintage

I even kinda automatically stand like a big old dummy.

Shoes: F21
Blouse: Vintage resale. Yup, the Scholar Shop.
Baubles: Various

First I had the blouse on the right way. Zips up the back. While I like it, I wasn't feeling it this morning. (The morning where the hubs started his new job and was awake so I both got to turn on the sunroom lights attached to our bedroom AND had to take these in secret as to not feel like even more of a dummy.)
So, I turned it around, zipper in front and let it sway in the breeze to and fro. That may be a tad dramatic but clearly something magic happened. I mean look how the lighting changed and the heavens opened up when I turned it around. COINCIDENCE?
Blah blah,


this free bird said...

I freaking love this entire outfit. The print underneath seals the deal. YES!