Thursday, October 7, 2010

WWD: Leaaaavin On a Jet Plane

Keeping this short and sweet cuz it's late Wednesday night and we're getting up early tomorrow to catch a plane for sunny shores. I'm excited and a little sad to leave the bebes, but it IS Laguna, so I'm sure once we get there I'll perk up. Blogging will prolly be a little sporadic until we get back on Monday.

Today's outfit: Jacket a la ladieth night clothing swap; jeans, me sis; tee, Target; scarf, me sis from The Limited; shoes, thrifted

I will be wearing these shoes a lot on vacay, since I have done something to the tendons around my ankle. Nice. The doc advised NO HEELS, but surely once out to dinner won't hurt, right?

Necklace, Design Spark

These shoes are made for walkin...


Jill GG (good life for less) said...

have a great trip... i really dig this outfit!

Dobbygirl said...

Have a super fab trip!!! As always you look amazing (love the shoes!) xoxo

this free bird said...

'scuse me! i hope you're scanning this thing from your blackberry or iphone or something. i sent you my numbers. call me!!