Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WWD: It Really Does Get Better

I am with Shannan 150% on this one and have much to say on this topic both in terms of what I've seen my gay friends go through and my own times of feeling a misfit. I will elaborate in another post or edit this when I have a bit more time. Soon.
Until then....I wore purple today as well and, even though my clothes don't make a difference in someone's day, I hope my actions or words do on a daily basis in both small ways and large.

Pants: H&M

Tunic: The Maxx
Vest: F21
Ring and Bracelet: 5th anniversary silver goodies from our Mexico trip courtesy of my wonderful husband.

Super Serious I Can't Believe I Am Posting This Face: For Shan because she says I never show it and tiredness courtesy of crying last night upon finding out my dad's brain tumor is back. Via email. Because my dad left us a couple of years ago and has another life and the world hasn't been the same since and we try to have a relationship of sorts in spite of it all.
It's a long story that I probably won't share here but I will accept prayers and/or good vibes in the meantime!

Amy Bo Bamy,
I know you know this, but I'm always here for you if you need. To talk, to cry, to shop, to eat, to share a bottle of wine or three. I'm proud of you for even writing what you wrote. I know it's hard for you - baby steps, baby steps.

I love you ooooodles of noooodles, and if I were there right now I'd give you a big hug and squeeze your arse (because I know how much you love that).



Melanie said...

3 things...Amy and Shan, did you both just go on your anniv trips?! I hope you had a blast! Don't you wish you could do it every year? I do!

I am loving Shan's "countess" outfit, "elegance is learned" and don't forget it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to Daybook. omg, that girl is adorable!!!!

406 Olivia said...

You are lovely and I like your face. Also I;m so cryptic on my blog for no reason whatsoever, but I really appreciate your candor here. And your outfit.