Monday, October 25, 2010

WWD: I Got Nuthin

It's Monday morning and I've got nothing to say except here's my outfit and its components. Not too exciting. Not clever at all.

CLEARLY someone needs to mainline a little more coffee before trying to write. Every now and then I think I should try to do my outfit posts in the evening, but then I have to get dressed AGAIN (I am of the "let's put sweatpants and tee shirt on as SOON as we walk in the door" school of thought), plus I'd have to take the pics in front of The Hubs, and I would just feel like a big dorkus.

Props to those who actually have their significant others take their photos, because I'm waaaay too self conscious to ask The Hubs to do that.

In other unrelated, trivial, and possibly uninteresting news, I downloaded some new music on my iPod last night: Michael Posner, Yael Naim, Kings of Leon, and Kanye West - WHAT? I LIKE some of Kanye's stuff, even though he can be a bit of a D-bag sometimes - and by "bit of a D-bag, I mean HUGE ASS." Still, I likes me some good music to get me pumped up when I'm lifting weights, which I haven't done in like, FOREVER.

Well guess what, I'm about to do more, because I learned at the gym last weekend that they are TAKING MY TURBOKICK CLASS AWAY AT THE 8:30 A.M. SATURDAY SLOT AND REPLACING IT WITH LIFT. Arrrggghhh...I get that it's a good thing to change it up now and then, but Saturday mornings were the only time I was pretty much assured I could do Turbokick. It's too iffy during the week to know whether or not I'll be able to get to the gym in the evenings for classes. Not to mention the instructor for lift is S-C-A-R-Y. Seriously. I think she's in the running for Jillian Michael's job of gym badass.

Okay, I think that's enough inane drivel for now. I gots ta GO. Happy Munday....
Dress: F21; Kimono: Vintage Vogue; Shoes, Charlotte Russe
Did anyone watch Dexter last night and see the previews for next week? AAAAHHHH!!!!!!! That show wears me OUT. No spoilers in the comments, if you did, please and thankyouberrymuch.


Jen said...

Love that dress! Glad to see I'm the one only one who finds great things as F21!! Love that place!!

As for Dexter... don't remind me. I so need to get caught up on all the episodes so far this season!!

Happy Monday Dear! xo

Courtnee said...

I love the dress but I'm over the moon for that kimono! Fantastic!

We're only half-way through the last season of Dexter. It's killing me(haha no pun intended!) we only have a dvd player in the family room which makes it kind of hard to watch Dexter without the kids strolling through at inappropriate moments.

Dobbygirl said...

I need that dress! You look super fly as usual!!!

406 Olivia said...

That kimono is stupid-fresh. Love it!

Natasha said...

Which class is this? The one with the too-short, too amped up little guy or the lady?

Sorry for you loss me lady.

Kelly said...

great cardigan!

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