Thursday, October 14, 2010

WWD: Does Anyone Have a Safety Pin?

Wow - look at that - I'm wearing socks with pumps. Huh. Not sure how I feel about this particular incarnation of SAS (socks and sandals) but I'm going with it. I think I need to try them in a different color. The black lace reads a little old man to me. Ah well. Live and learn... I do like this dress, which is old as dirt from Target, and I'm rully rully liking my cardigan wiv it (macy's a few years ago).

You know what else I like? The duct tape that is holding our fireplace doors closed. In our casa, we have found 1,001 uses for duct tape, and apply them ALL. You know what? Some bloggers get sponsored by companies like Coach? Screw that - I say DUCT TAPE PEOPLE - I think you hear me knocking, and I think I'm coming in - WHERE IS MY DUCT TAPE SPONSORSHIP??? Zip tie peeps - I'm talking to you too. Hells bells, who am I kidding - I'd take a sponsorship from just about anyone who'd care to sponsor me at this point.

I'm about to have a wardrobe malfunction all up in here, but for some reason, I can never find a safety pin in my house. Here's a thought - HEY 3M AND OFFICE MAX - DO I HEAR SPONSOR????? Top necklace, gift from me sis; wonky spike necklace, Design Spark.

Urrings, Target, many moons ago.



Full House said...

I am laughing @ the duct tape. Do you ever use it on triplets mouth too?

Full House said...

oh and how did you ever have triplets in your belly..your body doesn't look like it suffered one bit.

merciblahblah said...

Don't think I haven't considered using it on their mouths. I have discovered, however, that it makes a GREAT alternative to Spanx....