Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WWD: The Countess

I feel very Countess LuAnn in this ensemble today (except that I have two shoulders on my dress). And no, I have not yet started watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, though it is waiting patiently for me on the DVR. SGM, if you're reading this, PLEASE tell me you're watching it, so I can continue the fantasy in my head that you, Amy (who is FINALLY watching Real Housewives after I have been PLEADING with her to watch for years now) and I are recapping the shows on our very own HILARIOUS TV show (which, by the way, is number one in its time slot for our demographic audience - hey, it's my fantasy, I can be number one in my time slot if I want, so HMMMMPFH).

BUT I DIGRESS. I actually wasn't crazy about this outfit until inspiration struck and I threw on the faux fur with it. Now I'm totally gay for it.

See, this is it wivout said vestie. Not bad, just missing a lil ooooomph.

Back of oooomph-less dress (which, btw, is a Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent that I scored for $12 when one of our local Dillard's went out - HOLLA). Nothing spesh, except the fact that I look like a linebacker. What da HAIL???

(Faux fur vest, Rachel Zoe for QVC; Necklathe, World Market; Urrings, I have no idea)
So on a completely different note, last week, when we were on vacay, one morning at breakfast in the hotel I was watching a couple of little kids eating in their jammies. So. Cute. And it made me think of my own childhood vacations, where I can assure you my dad (that's Frankie Lee to you) would have NE-HEH-EVER taken us to stay at the Marriott, much less to the breakfast buffet which would've been waaaay too expensive. In fact, he took us to places like Motel 6 (we'll leave the light on for you), or more memorably, the Space Age Motel in Anaheim, where - true story - he DID order up room service, if by "room service" I mean "eating cold Beanie Weenies out of the can in our motel room, rife with luxuriously stained turquoise shag carpet." And I do mean that. Sadly, the Space Age Motel is no longer in existence, but rest assured I do have a vintage framed photo of it that was hanging in the boys' room until they ripped it off the wall, because WE JUST CANNOT HAVE NICE THINGS IN OUR HOUSE, but that is a story for another day.
(Boots, ZooShoo)
So I've said all that to say it really has nothing to do with what I'm wearing today, except that maybe some of the faux fox fur is the color of beanie weenies.
I'm pretty sure the Countess would never cop to eating cold beanie weenies out of a can. But you know what? I feel better for having gotten it off my chest. LuAnn, if you're out there reading this somewhere, it's OKAY to admit eating cold legumes from a plastic spork in a motel room. You're HUMAN. We all do it. Forget love - Heinz can build a bridge between your fart and mine....


406 Olivia said...

Wanna know what I'm going gay for right now? Your body! Seriously THE hotness. And that dress is the perfect shad of blue and the cowl does NOT make you look like a linebacker.

merciblahblah said...

Shucks, I'm blushing now. It's funny - the dress is actually grey, but you're right - it does look blue in the pics. I didn't even realize it until your comment.

Thanks for the compliment - your check is in the mail...


Diana Mieczan said...

I love your outfit..The dress is beautiful and the fur vest is perfect :)
Have a great day my dear

(those pumpkins are so sweet)

Fashion By He said...

hot dress, u look great

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


SGM said...

I am here, and RHBH is fantastically super awful in a very good way. I think I have a crush on Camille Grammer?

The Countess *wished* she looked that good, honey.

corksandcaftans said...

where do I begin? I NEED your vest. And the way you spelled "urrings" made my heart stop with a heavy thud of amore. And beanie weenies rock my wizzy. Aannnndd... you managed to sneak farts into your blog post. Which means, you're my best friend.


Dobbygirl said...

OMG a comment from SGM (I miss you if you are reading this!!) I am IN LOVE with the Beverly Hills galz, oh it did my heart good to see the series redeemed with this bunch. Oh and I totally love the outfit - the fur vest makes it! You look amazing! One more thing, we can't have nice things in our house either, nothing. I have given birth to a bulldozer in redheaded female form :o)

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Rockin' it out girlie, the Countess aint' got nuthing on you, and I bet you sing way better.

Hurry up and watch RHOBH, it's so awesomely shallow, it pains me that people actually live and talk that way, and have it recorded for perpetuity. And yet, I still watch it and all the others.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Okay, just finished watching RHOBH. I have to say - WHAT IS WRONG WITH KIM????? I was most excited to see her because she was in one of my favorite movies of the 80s - Tuff Turf - with James Spader and Robert Downey, Jr. She seems like she's...not right...it makes me sad for her. I love the British version of Jaclyn Smith though. The other ladies' lips are WAAAAAY too big and fish-like. Come ON. Do they think that looks normal????!!! I liked Camille Grammar more than I thought I would.

NJAM - you are right - I DO sing way better than the Countess. I used to be in a band once upon a time.

Emily - I KNEW you'd come out for this post!

Carey - vest can be yours courtesy of QVC. Beanie weenies courtesy of 7-11. Oh, I'll sneak farts in anywhere. Ask Amy.


Kelly said...

You look great! The vest looks fantastic - I was wondering how it would look in real life after I saw the presentation - I love Rachel Zoe (and Rachel Roy! Must be a Rachel thing! :) )
The whole outfit is totally hot.
I'm following u now - can't wait to see more! :)


Closet Confections said...

love the dress, but the fur vest definitely adds oopmh.