Thursday, October 14, 2010

Um, YUM aka Goin Back to Cali to Stuff My Face

One of our first days in Cali took us to The Beachcomber, a teeny tiny weeeny winey restaurant at Crystal Cove, upon the recommendation of a friend. The Beachcomber is said to have terrific breakfast and brunch, and we were looking for something different than the hotel breakfast buffet. Crystal Cove is between Newport and Laguna Beach off Pacific Coast Highway, and we parked on one side of the highway, then hiked under PCH to get to the restaurant. The walk was gorgeouso. Check it:

Represent, Motha Nature.
Seriously. Holla!
How do I love thee, tiny cacti in the middew of a field? Like, a lot.

The beach wasn't quiiiite as beautiful as the one in Corona del Mar, but for the love of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom's Marlin Perkins, it's the beach. It's still frigging awesome. What was not so awesome? The hour wait for breakfast when one is already starving, and the fact that unless you eat at the restaurant and spend at least $10 to get parking validated, parking costs $15. DOH. Ah well, life could be worse than sitting on a beach for an hour with one's stomach growling. Seriously, SUCK IT UP, Shannan.

Finally, FINALLY, the blessed pager thingie goes off and we're seated at a table right next to the window to see the sweeping views of ocean (see photo above). What does The Hubs do, however? CONSTANTLY CHECKS STOCK QUOTES ON HIS PHONE.


I already thought I knew what I wanted, though it was difficult deciding between brioche French toast, blueberry ricotta pancakes with lemon zest, and coconut macadamia nut pancakes, but in the end, and upon recommendation of the waitress (I'm a BIG proponent of waiter/waitress recommendations) I decided on the coconut macadamia nut pancakes based not only upon the time years ago that the parentals went to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary and brought back some coconut syrup which was like, the nectar of the gods, and also on the fact that the waitress claimed said pancakes were her favorite thing on the menu. I promptly dove in before I remembered to take a photo of pancake goodness. Sorry.
Oh, I got the portugese sausage on the side (but not before making some inappropriate remarks about having already had the Irish sausage).

Tee hee. What a difference a few plate-sized pancakes, three cups of coffee and a dirty joke makes.


Jackie said...

Whaa? You were in Cali? Man, I need to hit it home more that if any blog buddy o' mine dare step foot in my state they best be hitting me up for a get together! Jeesh. But I forgive you. Mainly because you posted a pic of your pancakes. Thanks for that.

merciblahblah said...

I BELEEEEEB you were hittin the slots (and the vodka) in Vegas whilst I was in yo hometown. Next time though FO SHO.

Count on it.

You've been warned.

Noe said...

Great Laguna pics. I love Crystal Cove. The Beachcomber does not disappoint either. I still dream about my meal there. Glad you enjoyed it!

Closet Confections said...

Awesome pictures. The pancakes look mouth-watering. I'll have to try that spot next time in that part of Cali.