Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Dress Three Ways

I've been thinking about doing this post forever, but just haven't had time until today cuz I'm at home and the Trips are sleeping (no, Ames, I'm not working today, but I WILL be in the office tomorrow through Friday - put it on your calendar....)

So I have a gold sequined Alice + Olivia dress that I scored from eBay a year or so ago, and thought it'd be fun to style it a few different ways. Here's the dress sans anything else. Please ignore my bulging stomach. Since I learned at the eye doc this week that I'M WELL ON MY WAY TO EFFING BIFOCALS, and lasik would be somewhat out of the question, I have renewed my interest in obtaining a tummy tuck. I can hide the sagging stomach pretty well when I need to, but honestly, I'm so self conscious about it that it is time to piss or get off the pot. So to speak. Anyone out there have experience w/a tuck? If so, give me a holla - I want your feedback! BUT I DIGRESS.

I thought I'd do a cocktail look, an office look, and a fun/funkaaaay look.

Here's the cocktail look, complete with vintage kimono scored at the Goodwill recently. Love that kimono, and can't wait to play around with it to see what else I can do wiv it. Shoes, ZooShoo.

Office chic, and my favorite look. I wore it this way when The Hubs and I went to a nice dinner one night. Black tux jacket from NY & Co, men's shirt scored at ladieth night clothing swap; shoes, Hype.

Play that funkaaay music, white girl. Army jacket, 10 dollah at Charlotte Russe; tee, two dollah at C.R.; OTK socks, Delia's; high heeled construction boots, C.R. as well. You just can't find a good pair of high heeled construction boots these days....


Dear Shan,

I like Door, #1. No, #2. No, #3. No, #1. No, darn you. All of them. I shake my fist at you!

And, re: the bifocals. It's okay, Peanut. I have to take stool softeners and antacids daily. We're not spring chickens anymore.

I can't believe I just typed "stool softeners" out loud. And, that it's true. Oh well, we'll go to the home (I like to pretend it's called "Sequined Acres" if that's okay with you.) together and wear twelvity-five necklaces at once until our osteoporosis necks give way under the weight.

Blah blah,



Full House said...

a tummy tuck freaks me out. I am a little ticked off though that I only have a 4-pack now..(what if you didn't think I were kidding). triplets=blubba blubba tummy.

love your dress!

406 Olivia said...

Shut up with that kimono! And that dress is so lounge singer in the best possible way.

Regarding the tummeh, no help here. But I am interested in boob job info, if you got any of that...


Dobbygirl said...

Fabulous! Love all the looks!!!