Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goin Back to Cali Remix

The Hubs and I landed on sunny shores on Thursday afternoon for a long weekend of relaaaaaxation, sun, great food, and an adult beverage or twelvity five. The first place we stopped? Nick's Laguna Beach - one of our favorite places from our last visit.

We ordered calamari to start, and T ordered a Corona with a lime that was possibly the best tasting beer EVER.

I ordered a house-made veggie burger and their roasted vegetables, which are seriously the BEST vegetables I have ever eaten. I am not a veggie girl (despite my meal) but for reals, those veggies were THE SH!T.

Soaked up some rays and ate ourselves silly. Stay tuned fo mo.


406 Olivia said...

So jealous! It's like 35 here this morning...