Friday, October 29, 2010

WWD: Goodwill Hunting

First things first, DO NOT spoil Project Runway for me. I haven't seen the end of it yet.
Secondly, DO NOT look too closely at my hurr. I was supposed to get it done a coupla weeks ago and had to reschedule, so my roots are S-C-A-R-Y. It's a good thing my appointment is tomorrow, cuz I'm fresh out of Moroccan Oil. That is cutting things waaaay too close, if you ask me.

Now that we got THOSE items out of the way, let's talk about me. Wait, that didn't come out right. Let's talk about me and my shadow? Me, myself and I? No no no no nooooo, let's talk about sex, bay-beeeee. KIDDING! Sometimes I like to morph into Salt n Pepa. I'm morph-tastic like dat. I'm also quite humble.

Okay, this post is getting ridiculous. REDICULOUS even. Let's just say that I scored the vintage blouse I'm wearing at my new favorite Goodwill, the one I'm taking Natty Lite to on Sunday, and the one in which I did NOT get the peacock colored, embroidered short shawl and which is of course GONE NOW and which I am kicking myself for. What. Da. HAIL, self? Are you INTHANE?!!!! Yeth, apparently you urr.

Sooooo, grey kimono sweater is a Boden scored a la garage sale, dark flares from Old Naaaaavyyyy (I can't help but type it like that every time - my apologies)...

I'm so pensive here. Or so dorky.

I can't believe it's a half-way decent photo of me smiling. DANG, my bangs need to be cut. It's like The Shaggy D.A. all up in hurr.

Jewreys? Owl necklathe, garage sale; tassle chain, thrift; other, F21? Maybe? Gold ring, Charming Charlie's. Dude, if you haven't been to Charming Charlie's yet, GO. It's overwhelming the amount of cheap costume jewelry they have.
On that note, I wish you a happy weekend and bid you ADIEU.

Thank God IT'S Friday


Today's list has a decidedly fall feel. Take some time today or this weekend to peruse these awesome blogs! The list is hoppin' this week!

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  • jewelscapes definitely inspires with this fall outfit popping with yellow! I just love this look... yellow is so alluring this time of year! And you know she always has each outfit perfectly accessorized!
  • closet confections fakes it 'til she makes it... why spend three grand on a coat when you can get a perfect alternative from Forever 21. I love this coat on her!
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  • you can call my chris has a fun series called "fight the frump" - this week she features bold tights. They are a great way to not only avoid looking frumpy... but to look down right festive!
  • really cute stuff has your hard-to-buy-for Christmas list in the bag. These monogrammed notecards are super classy and practical. They are perfect for teachers, co-workers and long lost friends.
  • rose a la mode is seriously rocking winter shorts. I am so inspired to try this look, she has it perfected!
  • dressing mommy is giving away a gorgeous pair of JessLC paisley earrings. Go.... go enter NOW!
  • karina, ink whips up an adorable fall place setting using apples and other fall goodies. She makes it look effortless - I'd love some of these on my fall table!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

WWD: Outfits For Dummies

Today I give you the classic "dummy" of Friends vibe with a little "how you doin'" in this photo. Oh, the faces I make when looking into the phone screen to see how it looks. I include for your amusement.

Pretty simple dummy outfit today. Convenient as the boss asked me to do something in Outlook that I don't know how to do and even the internet help is on my nerves. Must be in the water today, Shan. We should switch to wine.

Jeans: Old Navy
Jacket: vintage

I even kinda automatically stand like a big old dummy.

Shoes: F21
Blouse: Vintage resale. Yup, the Scholar Shop.
Baubles: Various

First I had the blouse on the right way. Zips up the back. While I like it, I wasn't feeling it this morning. (The morning where the hubs started his new job and was awake so I both got to turn on the sunroom lights attached to our bedroom AND had to take these in secret as to not feel like even more of a dummy.)
So, I turned it around, zipper in front and let it sway in the breeze to and fro. That may be a tad dramatic but clearly something magic happened. I mean look how the lighting changed and the heavens opened up when I turned it around. COINCIDENCE?
Blah blah,

WWD: Annoyance

Do you ever get annoyed with yourself the way you might say, if someone were riding your bumper in traffic on the highway? Like, that everything you do is wrong from the moment you get up? You drop makeup in the sink and it crumbles all over the place, or you have to take your contacts out and wash them eight times because they're just filmy, or you are unusually clumsy and banging around in the kitchen making too much noise while at the same time trying not to wake up the house, which somehow has the weird effect of making you even clumsier and louder?

Or you forget to cover your oatmeal in the microwave and it splatters all over the inside, or you put a dirty dish in the clean dishwasher?

And all of this sets the tone for the day and you kind of dread what might happen next, and it starts a whole downward spiral and you feel not pretty enough, never pretty enough, not skinny enough, not funny enough, just not ENOUGH.

And you go through the motions mechanically and just hope no one else notices, so that you can get on with the day, get it over and start again tomorrow?

Yeah, me neither.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WWD: Faux Real

Welcome to the Fauxest of the Faux vests. SOME of us (Shannan) didn't buy the Rachel Zoe Faux and have to make due with this little number. While I wish it was the RZ version and wish it was more at the hip, I can live with it.

Why is that? (That was you.) Because this The Limited vest from The Scholar Shop was eight whole dollars. (That was me. Gloating just a bit.)

True story: My husband was laid off a few weeks ago and we were really looking to move to Boston. One of my biggest concerns? Moving away from The Scholar Shop. Faux real. How sad is that? The place is a GOLDMINE though. 99% of the time I list stuff as "resale" in these posts it means it is from there.

My fears have been silenced though as the Mr. got a fantastic new job here in St. Louis already and starts tomorrow.
This is awesome on many levels. One being the obvious: No po house.
Two: This soothes the best of another fear I have: Driving. I don't drive on the highways. I have mayjah panic attacks. Faux real.
So, faux now I get to stay here in St. Louis where I know ALL the sideroads in town to get me just about anywhere I need to go.

Yes, this post is my turn to share. I've had an anxiety disorder for about 17 years now. Yay me! It's come and gone and been way intense and less intense. I've driven on the highways off and on over those years but definitely not in the last four. During those years there have been times I've been freaked out in the grocery store, quit flying, I've avoided social situations, been in therapy, literally didn't leave the house for 3 months straight with agoraphobia, tried meds, hated meds, quit meds, more therapy, gotten SO MUCH BETTER. It's been a struggle but maybe this is my "it gets better" post. It does get better.
It's not easy and it takes a lot of work and trial and error, but it.does.get.better. Faux real. Pretty much these days it's just the highway driving that is my ticket to Crazy Town.
THANKFULLY, I'm no longer agoraphobic. Missing out on Scholar Shop finds would be tragic. Gasp! I shudder to think.
Limited Vest: The Scholar Shop
Dress worn as a tunic: Three years old and can't recall to save my life.
Jeans: Old Navy
Jewelry: Local little shop
Shoes: F21
If anyone suffers with anxiety or panic attacks, feel free to hit me up on the email over thurr. I may not have the best advice but I can empathize the heck out of things!

WWD: Sweet Toof

This morning I am thinking about pancakes. Blueberry ricotta pancakes that I did NOT have at The Beachcomber when we were in Laguna. It is not necessarily a good thing to be thinking abooot pancakes dripping with syrup when one is trying to cut back on sugar. And it REALLY isn't a good time to cut back on sugar a few days before Halloween, OR when one is trying to half-assedly potty train three toddlers, and one method of encouragement consists of a gumball machine full of peanut butter M&Ms.

I have been scoring MAYJAH at the Goodwill lately. Went in on me lunch hour on Monday and came out wif this Old Navy jacket, which I think I love even more than my OLD Old Navy jacket. I just love the cut of this one, and you can't see it, but it has a mandarin collar lined with a pink oriental print. I also got a KEYOOT summer skirt that was Libertine for Target - white with navy blue whales and skull and crossbones all over it. SO cute. And a blue and white checked Brooks Brothers button-down, and a vintage red and navy blue print blouse. Wheeee!!! Surrsly - Natty Lite, if you're reading this - I HAVE to take you to this Goodwill - let's just HOPE we don't have another near knock-down drag out over a cute dress or pair of boots. Ahem....

Speaking of boots, wearing my OTKs from Sears (yup, Sears); black skinnies from me sis in Germany, and a man's shirt from the clearance rack at Tar-jay.

See - there's the tiny hint of pink lining on the collar. Jewreys from Charming Charlies, Arden B, and garage sale.

Aaaaahhhh, cofffeeeeeee. I looooove you. And ginormous bag of peanut butter M&Ms in the cabinet above my head, I am ignooooooring yooooooou.

And just because Imma nice guy, here's a recipe for some blueberry pancakes if you want. It's from Boobs McTata, and by "Boobs McTata," I clearly mean Giada De Laurentis.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WWD: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I have recently rediscovered 3 very similar black frocks in my closet and cannot stop wearing them. You may have noticed or will notice soon.

All are drapey dark cozy wozy items in varying sleeve lengths and weights. They are like blankets that you want to throw on with everything. Unlike a Snuggie. Which, for the record, I got for free and I have to say, THAT is a blanket you want to wear inside the house with everything. A backwards robe that feels like a hug from an angel. Why didn't I think of that?

Exhibit A: The 3/4 length sleeve, lightweight version of the "I Can't Believe It's Not A Snuggie!"

Black Drapey Goodness: The Maxx LY
Dress: Charlotte Russe LY
Jewels: Various

My jewrie story: I'm seeing a doc for some chronic pain issues twice a week. Yay me! Every time I go we play "How many necklaces is Amy wearing today that she has to hold while the doctor does her scanny machine thingy?" Have you heard of it? It's sweeping the nation. Like Baby Fish Mouth.
She laughs at me. I can live with that. Today, the magic number is 3 necklaces! Ding ding ding! We have a winner! I cannot WAIT to get my year's supply of Rice A Roni.
Blah blah,

One Dress Three Ways

I've been thinking about doing this post forever, but just haven't had time until today cuz I'm at home and the Trips are sleeping (no, Ames, I'm not working today, but I WILL be in the office tomorrow through Friday - put it on your calendar....)

So I have a gold sequined Alice + Olivia dress that I scored from eBay a year or so ago, and thought it'd be fun to style it a few different ways. Here's the dress sans anything else. Please ignore my bulging stomach. Since I learned at the eye doc this week that I'M WELL ON MY WAY TO EFFING BIFOCALS, and lasik would be somewhat out of the question, I have renewed my interest in obtaining a tummy tuck. I can hide the sagging stomach pretty well when I need to, but honestly, I'm so self conscious about it that it is time to piss or get off the pot. So to speak. Anyone out there have experience w/a tuck? If so, give me a holla - I want your feedback! BUT I DIGRESS.

I thought I'd do a cocktail look, an office look, and a fun/funkaaaay look.

Here's the cocktail look, complete with vintage kimono scored at the Goodwill recently. Love that kimono, and can't wait to play around with it to see what else I can do wiv it. Shoes, ZooShoo.

Office chic, and my favorite look. I wore it this way when The Hubs and I went to a nice dinner one night. Black tux jacket from NY & Co, men's shirt scored at ladieth night clothing swap; shoes, Hype.

Play that funkaaay music, white girl. Army jacket, 10 dollah at Charlotte Russe; tee, two dollah at C.R.; OTK socks, Delia's; high heeled construction boots, C.R. as well. You just can't find a good pair of high heeled construction boots these days....


Dear Shan,

I like Door, #1. No, #2. No, #3. No, #1. No, darn you. All of them. I shake my fist at you!

And, re: the bifocals. It's okay, Peanut. I have to take stool softeners and antacids daily. We're not spring chickens anymore.

I can't believe I just typed "stool softeners" out loud. And, that it's true. Oh well, we'll go to the home (I like to pretend it's called "Sequined Acres" if that's okay with you.) together and wear twelvity-five necklaces at once until our osteoporosis necks give way under the weight.

Blah blah,


Masterpiece Theater Tuesday

In honor of the spooky library chic post below, and of this excellent post a la Corks and Caftans, I present to you Masterpiece Theater Tuesday:


Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Spooky Library Chic

Is it weird that when I saw the Halloweenie images from Martha Stewart magazine below, I was drawn to them not only for the holiday, but for any time? Then I saw the other images on Esquire home collection, and thought - YES, the two belong togeva. Surrisly. Stay with me here.

I think my home style evolves every few years, and while I have been drawn to more minimal modern in the past 5 years or so, it seems like it has shifted lately to more traditional eclectic. Even when I was drawn to minimal, I have always loved the juxtaposition of natural organic elements with smooth and sleek, and throw in a well-traveled, ethnic vibe and I'm in hebbin. That's why I love the above library space a la Esquire.

When I was reading the October issue of Martha Stewart recently (which I NEVER read), I was totally drawn to this feature called Fine Specimens, which uses creepy old museum accents to decorate for a holiday shindig. The bookshelf above, full of sea urchins, bugs, butterflies and snakes? Is. Frigging. AWESOME. Like, I LOVE it. I would LOVE to implement something like this in my own home, which may be another reason I'm so drawn to it - because WE CANNOT HAVE IT RIGHT NOW. Since we moved into our home 2 years ago I feel like it is so void of personality because we have to keep it that way for the trips' sake (and let's face it, my sanity). I do have cool pieces (an antique typewriter that I heart, an old globe, stacks and stacks of home decor and other books) that are all sadly still packed away because I know if we put them out they will likely be torn asunder. I love the creep-tastic elements above because not only are they conversation pieces, I think the babies would love them too.

I'm not saying I'm going to become a taxidermist, or start collecting stuffed peacocks, but come ON - the colors in the photo above - straight from mother nature herself - is bananas. And if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a wee bit obsessed with peacocks. While I have seen stuffed peacocks used in some interiors and they look tres chic, even a collection of peacock feathers displayed in a vase, or framed, would give an inkling of the look above. And isn't that backdrop so "Midnight In the Garden Of Good and Evil" cool? It's a black and white photograph enlarged to cover the wall. Another excellent ideer.
More from Esquire. I supah dupah giant puffy heart that button tufted bench. And the leatha stripes on the pillows? Come ON. That's just sick.

Ohmyhellsbells I love the above so effing much I can't even beleeeebe it. How cool is that? An old book of etchings with 3D butterflies surrounding it? GAH! When oh WHEN will I be able to implement something like this in mi casa. I miss my books so much.

While I don't necessarily want a side table with a boner (BWAH!) let's get one thing straight - I LOVE the glass garden cloche with butterfly inside. THAT I could live wif.
Is that a giant femur in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Okay, again - most of this is a tad too Beetlejuician for me, but what I love are the bonetastic coral pieces, the antlers, and the vintage sea-life print. I have been dying for some vintage educational posters like that as well as the old skeleton poster to frame. Okay, maybe DYING for is a little harsh, but I really, really want some.
Sadly, this weekend I was forced to take one of my vintage suitcases out to the garbage as it was injured in a tragic suitcase accident (i.e. - it was crushed PROBABLY by one of the Trips), so of course I love the above with the cool vintagey library lamp on top.
You know what else I love?
This cool fungi tart from Martha. Even though I DETEST mushrooms, but the way this was executed to look like a Victorian pressing is uh-mazing. And no, I don't want to make one to display in my new imaginary library, I just thought I would share. IS THAT OKAY????
So to recap, in a slightly more succinct version - Spooky Library Chic is the new black. You heard it here first.


Monday, October 25, 2010

WWD: I Got Nuthin

It's Monday morning and I've got nothing to say except here's my outfit and its components. Not too exciting. Not clever at all.

CLEARLY someone needs to mainline a little more coffee before trying to write. Every now and then I think I should try to do my outfit posts in the evening, but then I have to get dressed AGAIN (I am of the "let's put sweatpants and tee shirt on as SOON as we walk in the door" school of thought), plus I'd have to take the pics in front of The Hubs, and I would just feel like a big dorkus.

Props to those who actually have their significant others take their photos, because I'm waaaay too self conscious to ask The Hubs to do that.

In other unrelated, trivial, and possibly uninteresting news, I downloaded some new music on my iPod last night: Michael Posner, Yael Naim, Kings of Leon, and Kanye West - WHAT? I LIKE some of Kanye's stuff, even though he can be a bit of a D-bag sometimes - and by "bit of a D-bag, I mean HUGE ASS." Still, I likes me some good music to get me pumped up when I'm lifting weights, which I haven't done in like, FOREVER.

Well guess what, I'm about to do more, because I learned at the gym last weekend that they are TAKING MY TURBOKICK CLASS AWAY AT THE 8:30 A.M. SATURDAY SLOT AND REPLACING IT WITH LIFT. Arrrggghhh...I get that it's a good thing to change it up now and then, but Saturday mornings were the only time I was pretty much assured I could do Turbokick. It's too iffy during the week to know whether or not I'll be able to get to the gym in the evenings for classes. Not to mention the instructor for lift is S-C-A-R-Y. Seriously. I think she's in the running for Jillian Michael's job of gym badass.

Okay, I think that's enough inane drivel for now. I gots ta GO. Happy Munday....
Dress: F21; Kimono: Vintage Vogue; Shoes, Charlotte Russe
Did anyone watch Dexter last night and see the previews for next week? AAAAHHHH!!!!!!! That show wears me OUT. No spoilers in the comments, if you did, please and thankyouberrymuch.

Friday, October 22, 2010

WW: Hazy Shade of Mirror

AH HA! You'll note below I have photographic evidence that I DO own a vacuum cleaner, though there is no proof that I actually USE it. Still, I think it really lends something to this series of photos, which I have entitled "Woman About to Leave For An Eye Exam."

Five dollah to make you hollah old man cardi a la Charlotte Russe; old as the hills oxford button-down, Old Naaaavy; jeans, the same ones I ALWAYS wear; shoes, thrifted.

Good Gawd Almighty, that mirror is FILTHY. Well, it isn't anymore, but I'm too lazy to take more new pics, so you're stuck with my filth. Sowwweeeee....
Happy Friday!