Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Down With OTK, Yeah You Know Me.

Here's a little story: I want a badass pair of black over-the-knee boots. The end. Okay, it's not really the end. Let me elaborate - I want a pair of black OTKs with a heel, in leatha (or fake leatha), not suede. Not flats. I'm not talking shiny patent leather Pretty Woman hooker boots that I would wear with a cutout spandex dress on Hollywood Boulevard. No, I want the aforementioned boots so that I can rock some of the looks below, a la Burberry (which, if you are Rachel Zoe, you pronounce BurBERRY, and which drives me to the brink of insanity, BUT I DIGRESS). Please move ahead to said badass looks:For the love of Radar O'Reilly (or Charles Nelson Reilley, for that matter), that combination of tall black leather OTKs, so that you're not sure whether they really are boots, or are actually skinny leather pants, and delicious pea coats, sweaters, and other military paraphenalia make me lose bladder control just a weeeee bit.

If you, like me, however, cannot afford several hundred dollars worth of OTKs that you may or may not be sick of next season, never fear. I have helpfully presented you with some less spendy alternatives. Please send your thank you greetings and gifts to me courtesy of MerciBlahBlah (or if you are a shoe dealer, I wear a size 8. Thank you).
These Newport News babies ALSO come in black. 49 dollah to make you hollah.

Love these Michael Antonio's, but the only thing that concerns me about these and the Newport News number is the slouch - will they slouch down so much that they are no longer OTKs? Hmmmm....65 hollah to make you hollah.

Okay, I realize I said earlier I wanted heels, not flat boots, but I would make an exception for these
Pierre Dumas (the NAME is DUMAS) because they sport the little studded detail on the bottom. 69 dollah to make you hollah.

Kenneth Cole OTKs - 79 dollah to make you hollah.

Okay, these Report Kenley's veer into Pretty Woman territory just a bit, but I included them because they look SUPAH DUPAH high. Not that, at 5'2" I think I have anything to be concerned about. I am pretty sure most of the thigh high's above would look like hip waders on me anyway... 99 dollah to make you hollah.
White Mountain - a little too flat in the heel, but I like their motorcycle-esque vibe. 99 dollah to make you hollah.

Colin Stuart convertible boots - 99 dollah to make you hollah. Luh-uuuuv the 70s stacked heel.
Colin Stuart drawstring boots - oh yeah, baby. 129 dollah, 103 with offer code.

Feel free to let me know if you have seen any other OTKs that are $150 or less - I'm on the hunt!!

EDIT: If money were no object, these Christian Louboutin Supra's would be mine. Let me reiterate - I AM A US SIZE 8, LOUBOUTIN MARKETING PEOPLE:



Holly said...

i actually really love the flat ones, too!

and yes, the girl with the dragon tattoo. i loved it! the girl they cast for lisbeth was just perfect. but i noticed a lot of the movie had stuff from the second book, the girl who played with fire. i hear they are making an american version of the book since it was so popular.

Jen L said...

I am obsessed with black leather leggings and tall boots. It seems all my European friends are too...that's all they're wearing-even to PTA meetings.