Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WWD: Let's Do The Polka (dot)

I had a dream last night that I sat next to Victoria Beckham and chatted her up at a fashion show. She was quite lovely and endearing, just like she was in an interview I saw her do a few years back with some young boys, where I was surprised to find she pretty damn funny. I guess it's because she always looks so SERIOUS every time you see her, rarely smiling, so I had an image in my head of her as being an ice princess. It's always nice, I think, when celebs blow your perceptions of them out of the water in a good way. And then there are those celebs like Lindsey Lohan. Ohhhhh, Lilo - do you REALLY think you've been fooling anyone? Come on girl, you are a hot mess. Get it TOGETHER.

Jeans, Old Navy; Polka Dot Blouse, F21 ages ago; Ikat vest, The Limited
Necklaces, vintage, gift, and F21
Shoes, Zinc via Vicky's Secret
So back to the dream, speaking of Vicky's Secret - we sat and chatted and people were getting little swag bags and for some reason I didn't get one which pissed me off, but I stayed chatting, and in the end I realized it was because I was hoping this guy was going to show up:
Who reminds me somewhat of a British version of this guy:
And if you're a Biggest Loser fan like I am, you were STOKED to realize that the new season started last night. How sad is it that I am probably more excited than I should be over the fall shows starting up? I mean, we all know I can't make it more than 20 minutes on the couch wivout catching a bad case of The Sleeps.
Ah well - at least you have some eye candy for the day. You're welcome.


406 Olivia said...

Yes! I love Bob! He'd be my best gay friend and we go out dancing and I'd secretly be totally into it...

And I'm loving your layered necklaces.


Beth said...

My dear, you look super-fab in the above posted photos and reeeally skinny! I'm sad I won't be able to tell you this in person tonight at whino club... I have been on the go too much lately and I must rest my bones, aka sit on the couch in my jammies and watch dvr'd biggest loser).

merciblahblah said...

Whaaaa????? I didn't get the memo about ladieth night. Now I have the sads.

But THANK YOU for the skinny comment, New Best Friend!

Olivia - I like to pretend Bob is not gay.


The Girlie Blog said...

I love Bob! Though Jillian is also pretty cool.

merciblahblah said...

Oh girrrrl, I loves me some Jillian Michaels too!

this free bird said...

You weigh two pounds, I love your vest and wear did you get those shoes??? TO DIE!!


Linda said...

You crack me up! And I totally think David Beckham is hot until he talks. What's up with his baby voice?
PS: Love the outfit! You have such fun style!