Monday, September 27, 2010

WWD: Layered

I'm sitting here eating my new favorite breakfast (maple and brown sugar oatmeal with mascarpone cheese - um, YUM) and reflecting on life with a smile. I know, I know, it's Monday morning, you say, but this weekend I had a quiet moment to myself while the babies were all in bed, The Hubs was on his weekly jaunt to Home Depot, and it just struck me how blessed I am. I have a beautiful family, great friends, and a home that we love. I feel like the counselor I have been seeing is really helping - making me more aware of things, helping me to remain present in the moment. I know life can change on a dime and kick you in the crotch, but for now, I thought I'd list some of the things I'm thankful for.

1. My family: This weekend I got to spend a lot of time with my girl Scarlett by ourselves, and it was precious. I painted our toenails and fingernails, we colored on the floor together, she hung out with me while I prepared dinner, we got to snuggle, and I heard her COUNT TO NINE all by herself for the first time. I had no idea she could. I know. I've already contacted Mensa. She was very much a mommy's girl this weekend, which is a change because all the kids always want daddy daddy DADDY! Two times during the weekend I raised my voice to her: once because at dinner she was kicking her chair back and tipped it over - (thank God Tom was right next to her and caught it), and it scared me when it happened, so I said something like, "Scarlett! Be careful! Stop kicking that chair back from the table!" and when I did, her bottom lip stuck out and quivered, and her eyes filled immediately with tears, and it broke my heart. Then later, she was pulling on my earring too hard and pulled it out, and I said, "Scarlett - don't pull mommy's earring out!" and the same thing happened again. Both times she let me hold her and soothe her and apologize to her, and I felt terrible. But the thing is - she let me, and she forgave me immediately, and as adults, that is an extremely valuable lesson - especially for me, who tends to hold grudges when I get angry with someone who has hurt me. To forgive without hesitation.

2. Date night! Yep, mom and dad offered to watch the kids and The Hubs and I ACTUALLY WENT TO A MOVIE - The Town. Uhhhh, homina homina Jon Hamm. And I have to say it, homina homina Ben Affleck, who is not my favorite actor, but when he has a great role, he kicks ass.

3. Oatmeal with mascarpone cheese, and peanut butter m&ms, and pumpkin lasagna.

4. New stroller that is actually EASY TO PUSH. Of course, it's only a double stroller, so we have to take two, but still. Ten dollah to make you hollah at a garage sale.

5. The first cup of coffee in the morning, and the second, and sometimes the third. I love that bloom when you first add half and half to it.

6. New old boots, Seychelles, thrift store. Awwww, yeahhhhh, baby!

7. Thinking of unexpected ways to combine clothing that I already have. It struck me this weekend that this F21 skirt would look cool with the Tucker for Target dress, and I wanted to add in another pattern (I'm crazy like dat) so I added this silver striped blouse also from F21, threw on a belt (just cinch it!) and my new (old) boots. Voila!

8. Cooler temps - YAY FALL!!!!

9. The scale. I seem to be making baby steps in the right direction. Don't know how, in light of number three above, but my weigh in day is each Monday, and it's down from last week. Yay!
EDIT: I may add to this periodically through the day if I think of anything else, like this:
10. Unexpected Laughter: The Hubs and I decided this weekend that living with 2 year old triplets is something akin to living with the paparazzi. If we need to run into our bedroom to grab something, we do it quickly and lock the door behind us (we keep ALL doors in the house locked at all times - it just cuts down on things like, oh, say - someone climbing into the sink and turning on the water so that it rains down into the kitchen below - true story). Anyhoozle - The Trips are very offended if we don't take them into the bedroom with us, and they are screeching behind us, and pulling at us in a little cluster of adorable madness, all "Lilo! Look over here! Smile Angelina! Awww, come ON, Britney - give us a smile!", and so we are literally holding them back to back ourselves into the bedroom, saying, "Mommy will be RIGHT BACK. I'll be RIGHT BACK..." and shutting the door and locking it quickly behind us, and it's like...ahhhh...silence from the paps for just a moment...
Okay, enough of me - what are YOU thankful for today?


406 Olivia said...

What a heartfelt post with just the right amount of Shannan's signature humor.

Since you already took the best one, I'll say it too: I'm so thankful for my children--they are my reason, my joy, and like your sweet daughter, they love me and forgive me unwaveringly, despite my MANY imperfections and the fact that my parenting requires MUCH forgiveness.

And that outfit is so dope! All the patterns and colors + the flat boots has a real artistic aesthetic. Me likey.

Natasha said...

I'm thankful for those boots!!! Even though I wanted them - they weren't my size and I'm glad you got them!

Love you muches.

Courtnee said...

Great post and the image of your triplets as tiny paparazzi has me cracking up!And just let me say two year old triplets...damn girl!you look fantastic!!! The outfit-the patterns and especially the boots...awesome! on to the serious, the other day I was just thinking how old do I have to be to enjoy my life. I mean really it seems like I'm white knuckling my way through holding on for dear life and afraid to enjoy it b/c I don't feel like I deserve it, or I talk myself out of it, or I'm afraid that if I'm happy something horrible will happen. But, I am supremely grateful for my family, my kids and my hubby.

ClosetConfections said...

I love this outfit. Kudos on the pattern mixing!


The Girlie Blog said...

What a lovely list! Life is beautiful, isn't it? It's always nice to reflect life with a smile.

merciblahblah said...

Olivia - I never REALLY knew what kind of person I was until I became the mother of three toddlers. DAYUM does it test my patience. I'm just glad I'm finding new ways of coping with it on those days when the frustration level reaches max capacity.

Natty - I'm STILL waiting to see more pics of you in The Dress The You Scored...

Courtnee - yep, been there done that. I have a BIG problem with focusing too much on what could potentially go wrong in life than actually ENJOYING life. I'm working on it. And thank you for the compliment. It burns up a good amount of calories chasing after The Trips, but don't think I'm not in the gym too when I can be - I would have lost it a LONG time ago if I didn't take that time for myself.

Kendra and Girlie - thank you lovely ladies!


Linda said...

Love this! It's so great to stop and remember that we actually have so many wonderful things surrounding us!
Today I am thankful that my wonderful husband is tending to my needs when I'm not feeling so good. And also for such wonderful weather.
Oh, and that fruit grows on trees! What an amazing thing!

Caitlin said...

love your layered outfit!

Jill said...

I'm thankful to have read this remind me of all the things I'm thankful for...I haven't been feeling it lately. So, thank you!

SMASH said...

Heyy!! Oh man, I love mixed prints and you are pulling this off quite nicely :)

Also, the beach I was at is called Victoria Beach, I think if you search for it on Yelp there are directions to it (it's sort of off the beaten path as far as Laguna Beaches go and kind of weird to get to)

If you want anymore recommendations just holla ;)