Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WWD: Diamond Back

Finally, at long last the day has arrived when I am wearing my new Tucker for Target blue diamond dress. I swear, getting new clothes is like Christmas - I mean, going to bed the night before, when you know the next morning you have something shiny and new to put on, and it makes getting up just a little bit easier. Or maybe that's just me. Ugh - I have GOT to stop shopping, seriously - it's out of control right now, and blogging just makes it worse. I feel like I always have to have something new to wear in these posts, instead of being more creative with what is already in my overloaded closet. Good God Almighty, I hope The Hubs doesn't read this post. But for reals, I mean it. I'm stopping. Right after I buy a pair of OTK boots, which I found at SEARS of all places, and they're on sale for $35, so it's like I'm SAVING money, right? RIGHT?????

Dress, Tucker for Target

Belt, old as the hilllllls, so God only knows; necklace, F21

Snake ring, Charming Charlies; feather brathelet, gift; middle brathelet, Macy's, other brathelet, Old Navy
Urrings, Hmmmmm...don't remember....

Shoes, Target
Wish me luck in my Quest to Stop The Insanity....


The Girlie Blog said...

Cute dress! And shoes too! And yes. getting new clothes is kind of like Christmas!

Jackie said...

Love your dress! I got the same style, but in the purple pattern. It'll show up on my blog soon too :) And I feel ya on the blogging makes shopping worse. I continually am bombarded with things I want to buy...makes it rough.

406 Olivia said...

At least it's Target shopping...will the hubz go for that one?
You look darling and I'd straight mug you for those bangles.


LA said...

Loving your dress, fabulous


LindseyLove said...

Love your look! You're gorgeous.

this free bird said...

love that dress woman!! you're rocking it...i looked like a wanderer from a western.


MerciBlahBlah said...

Aw shucks, ya'll are too sweet. Carrie - you crack me up. That was one fabulous badass western then, I'm sure!

corksandcaftans said...

where was i when this Tucker for Target stuff was announced? I suck. I bet the Upstate NY Targets near moi have plenty of it left, because (no offense USNY ladies) if I mentioned Tucker to them, they'd be like, "Tuckered out? You tired? Gurl."

god, you look awesome.