Friday, September 17, 2010

WW(A)D: (A is for "Who is Dat?")

Just a short WWD of the sartorial selection on my person this morning. I've had this cardi in the closet for over a year and never donned it until today. (Hey,'s a Liz!) The hubs got laid off as a casualty of a reorg at work last week so looks like I'll be shopping my closet more often if the job fairy doesn't come before his severance is up. Come onnnnnnnnn, Job whammy, no whammy! STOP.

Jeans and jewries are all random and pearl necklace is vintage. Bow tunic is F21 and Cardigan is Liz from the Maxx if I recall.

Much like my Jr. High yearbook, this space below reserved for Shan to write. Ya know, stuff like, "Amy who?" "It's aliiiiiiiive." etc.



Liv said...

Arg! Sorry to hear about the lay-off. But shopping your closet could make for a few good posts (and something I could definitely use a lesson in)!

Happy weekend!xx

Alicia said...

love the cardi and necklace!

Lalula said...

I like your posts very nice selection of things, we make accesories you are so welcome to watch them greetings from Peru!!

The Girlie Blog said...

I like your necklace too. What a cool outfit you threw together. You are a talented stylist.

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

This outfit is brills... you should shop your closet more often! Also, I'll be sending any job fairies I meet along the way - your way!