Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Unexpected Markdowns!

My fab friend Natasha (aka Natty Lite) and I took a lil shopping spree this weekend to a local charity shop that I had just discovered. We had several places to go, having decided on an all thrift weekend. Howevs, when we walked in and saw the veritable BUTTLOAD of stuff to browse, well, all thoughts of hitting any other shops flew out the window. Take it away, Natasha!

Natasha: When Shannan invited me to go Hit-the-Thift in her 'hood, I was 100% on board. I love a good hunt. And I love Shannan, so the afternoon promised to be fantastic. How could a crazy fun afternoon with a great friend get ANY better??? A surprise 50% off EVERYTHING sale that we didn't even realize was going until at the register, THAT'S what. After almost 2 hours in a vast, second-hand space, where TWICE I was mistaken for an employee and once asked if I owned a resale shop due to the amount of items in my cart, we headed to the check out. I came away with 2 dresses, 2 necklaces, 2 blouses, 2 belts and a skirt. DId I mention that all of this was half off???

Shan: I don't know how she did it, but I swear, everything Natasha got can be worn together in one giant ball of thrifted fashiony goodness. She was smarter than me and RAN to the dresses first (I swear, you should've seen her knocking other people out of the way to get there...), and snatched up ALLLLLL the good dresses before SOME people had a chance. Sheesh...

Case in point! This adorbs striped shirt dress that I am SO jelly I didn't see first. Which brings me to THIS:

I KNOW. You peed yourself, didn't you? No? Just me? GREEN WITH ENVY over this find of Natty's. And I am sorry, but don't you think she looks just a WEEEE bit too smug here?

ME TOO. I should say, though, that she DID let me try the dress on when I whined and whined about not finding it first. It looked WAY better on her. I shake my fist at you and your adorable dresses, Natty Lite!!!

Oh wait - what's this? She found a tres cute plum and gold striped shirt too? Bah humbug!

With a plum skirt that fit like a dream...

Oh look - here's Natty looking smug again in her striped shirt dress. I realize that you cannot see her face, but you can just tell by the body language. I'm not bitter.

I'm not bitter at all, because I scored this Evan Picone blouse that still had original tags hanging on it. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT - this color looks faaaaab-you-lous on me. Trust. Can't wait to wear it wiv some big ole turqwaaaz jewreys.

Let me stop a moment to say I was OVERWHELMED by the blouses. I literally probably had 15 in my cart at one point, and had to go back and start weeding them out. The next one I got was this one, which I'm having slight buyer's remorse over, because I'm not sure I love it as much as I did in the initial Blouse Frenzy. Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams? Aspirations for the blouse? Tawlk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: The Partridge Family were neither partridges NOR a family. DISCUSS.

Third and favey crockett blouse - this D-OPE mod print. Din't even try it on. Just knew it was coming home with me.

Wheeeee!!!! An ethnic print long sweater! Check that one off my list!

And finally, my two BUYS OF THE DAY? Leatha Hush Puppy brogues? Check!!! These juuuust border on "are they cool, or are they old lady?" I think it will totally depend on what I wear them wif. With pants pinch-rolled (HOLLA 1986) they will be oh so cool.

And the piece de resistance? The Boots That Almost Started The War - tall flat Seychelles. BOOYA! Take THAT, Natasha! Can't you just SMELL the smugness coming off my hand in this craptastic photo? Well, it's there.

Seriously - the best thing evah? Getting to the counter where we realized everything was an extra 50% off. The heavens opened up, a beam of light shone down, the angels started singing (or was it the Christian Rock music that was BLARING from every speaker? Seriously, Charity Thrift - turn down the mains just a tad...) Okay - the 50% off was great, but the best thing was actually getting to spend some time with my homie. What would've made it even MO betta was if Amy Bo Bamy would've been there to fight over the spoils with us. Sigh.....

Shannan and Natasha


Peetzi Jen said...

Those boots...gimme!!

My last trip to the thrift store was with the hubby and two babesies and you'll find this surprising but it was a ZERO on the success scale. I think taking the super gal friend is a MUCH better idea!


merciblahblah said...

Good Lord, I can't imagine taking The Hubs and I DEFINATELY can't imagine taking The Trips to the thrift. That's Sacred Shannan Alone Time.