Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ramona LaRue, I Still Love Yoooooou

Surrsly, what is up with this bizness? Your clothing is UH-mazing - why is it so hard to find? This dress is so ridiculous it is REDiculous. It's riDONKulous. It's peacockulous, even. Those bell sleeves? That deep vee? The keyhole back? Shut. Up.

And ohhhhh, lookie here - ANOTHER kimono-inspired dress. Ramona - it's like you are IN MY BRAIN. It's starting to scurr me. And in a delicious navy blue dragonfly print? RAWR!

And then there's this damn vest that thinks it's too cool for school. With it's slouchy I don't care attitude, it's perfect drape and bambooy print. Yes, I said bambooy - suey me. Surrsly vest - get over yourself.

I need all of you in my life, espesh YOU, first dress I posted above. Any takers? Or should I say - GIVERS?


arianne said...

Hey you! Thanks again for all the support :) check this out..


Anonymous said...

Luv the dress , can't find it anywhere .... Please HELP !!!