Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am DIGGING all of these magazine spreads for various reasons. The deep vee of the sequin halter, wide-legged pants, kickass platforms and turban, not to mention the armfulls of bangles in that first photo are sort of 1920s meets Studio 54, and it rocks. my. socks. off.

Ditto to you, feathery jacket and mish-mash of patterns. Both photos from Vogue, by way of The Glamourai.
I have studied these ads from Andrew Marc, via She Wore It Well, SEVERAL times in various mags - especially the photo on the right. Those pants KILL me. Kill me dead. This ad is the very reason an el cheapo faux version of leatha skinnies ended up on my wish list here.

This last photo from Apartment 34 is so effing perfect it makes me want to vomit. That hair? Are you freaking kidding me? Those shades? That tightly cinched military jacket, skinnies, and EFFING OVER THE KNEE BOOTS????!!!! I hope you're happy with yourself, Random Woman In A Magazine - I just peed myself. REAL nice.

You know what is also perfection? A long weekend vacay for our fifth anniversary. Yep, mom agreed to watch The Trips so we can take a trip to....wait for it...wait for it....LAGUNA BEACH. I am sooooo excited, not only to see my favorite place in the states, but to get to meet this fabulous lady in the flesh:

Yep, Carrie may be The Nicest Person On the Interwebs, or maybe she just cray-cray to agree to meet me for cocktails, but I'm soooo excited, and I'm not afraid to admit I'm already fretting about what I'm going to wear to meet her. Please leave your comments in the suggestion box.