Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WWD: There's a New Sheriff In Town

Call me Lindsey Lohan, if you will, but I feel better with a little color on. Oh, not on my clothing - I know I'm wearing The Mother Of All Neutrals today, on my skin. Surrsly, dudes - I have been feeling pasty and GROSS, so this morning I put on a lil of my self tanner and WONDER OF WONDERS - I immediately felt mo bettah. It doesn't hurt that I'm wearing a new 6 dollah to make you hollah dress from the clearance rack at Tar-jay (scored when I went in to find The Tucker for Target Navy Blue Diamond Pattern Dress FINALLY). Wheeee!!!!

Anyhoozle - I thought this lil khaki number would be a good easy peasy dress for fall or spring (it's spaghetti strap all up under the jacket), and I heart the tulipy pleating on the skirt. Thought it would look divoooone paired with my God knows how old 6 dollah to make you hollah military jacket from Old Navy that I also elll-ohhh-veeee-eeeeee.

Well hello there, toy binoculars that are in the way of my photo taking. You will make a good prop for zis outfit.

Zebra scarfity arf - The Limited from me sis; spike necklathe - Design Spark

WHOA - hey - there's my eye. Yes, well, you see, I did my makeup sliiiiiightly differently this a.m., and melikey.
And now for zeeee BEST part of my outfit - my Frye's. Let me tell you how much I heart Frye boots - A LOT. I have this pair and a pair of Frye Harness boots, and there are about eleventy five billion more that I would add to my collection if I could (does two pairs constitute a collection)?
Another thing I heart almost as much as my Frye's? My filthy floors. Can someone get a Swiffer all up in here?

And finally, I thought I would end with An Open Letter to Simon. Enjoy.

For reals - was it necessary to remove your poopy diaper three times on Saturday, or do you just have some burning desire to have me scrub crusted poop from your legs, change the sheets, and pick up turds from the floor all the live long day?
Get it together.
The Management


Peetzi Jen said...

Frye boots. Gimme! Military jacket. Gimme that too! Thanks. I'll be checkin' the mail.

Simon. You and Cody need to get togethers and figure out what's up with this playing with your diapies thing. It's not cool. And neither is running full sprint down the hall, when Mommy removes what's left of your diaper to clean you up, and squatting on the floor to pee. Not cool. At. All. Just cuz you're two doesn't mean you can act like a two year old. Geeesh!

GiGi said...

okay poop lady, spill the beans: what self tanner you likey?
me is pasty too.

merciblahblah said...

Jen - oh, we've had the STOP PEEING ON THE FLOOR discussion too. I swear. RAWR!

Gina - I am using Loreal Sublime Bronze gel, but this morning I used the Loreal 1-day tanner stuff that tans immediately but leaves the palms of your hands looking orange and disgusting, even if you scrub them with soap and body scrub. I am not ignoring your e-mail either. I don't know if I can come over this week now (I'll 'splain later) but I'll send you another message bout next week...


Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Oh, I like this outfit very much! super cute!

... those darn kids! grr!

Valerie said...

Those boots are fabulous! You look adorable!


this free bird said...

Shan this is off the hook. I LOVE IT!! YOU HAVE ENTIRELY KILLED IT!!

are you coming to my hood or what?? we really need to chat over cocktails sans pooey diapers.


406 Olivia said...

hahahaha! Simon's poop! Motherhood is so glamorous, no?

Love your boots. not sure how your make-up normally looks, but me likey this too!


Linda said...

You are cracking me up! I love that I can read exactly how you talk! It's freakin' brill!
Anyway, you look amazing. I love deals at Target! So wonderful! Way to go!