Saturday, September 4, 2010

Night Out?

Thursday night was the monthly Triplet Mom's Dinner out, which I haven't attended in about 6 months. I was excited all day, because while I don't routinely keep in touch with any of the ladies in the group, it is GREAT to be able to a) get out of the house for a night of drinking...err...DINNER, and 2) it's with people who actually GET when I'm going through. That day was also our monthly day with Parents As Teachers, and those are good days because it breaks up our monotony, gives the kiddos time to play with the cool, fun, educational toys that she brings, and gives me some adult interaction. Not to mention that she gave me some ideas to implement in disciplining them that - will wonders never cease - ACTUALLY WORKED (Hellooo, Common Sense - it's so nice to meet you again). All in all, it was a pretty great day, and I felt better about myself and my not-so-mad parenting skillz than I have in a long time. When it was time to get ready to go to dinner, I was a wee bit sad, if you can imagine.
Get ready I did, however, and here is the progression of photos I took when trying to capture my supah-fly TNT outfit.
So far so good...
Skinny cargos (did you REALLY think I would wear anything else?) - Marshalls; Grey slouchy tee w/shoulders cut out (T.J. Maxx); Black zipper blazer (ladieth night clothing swap); shoes, Target; necklaces, garage sale and Charming Charlies.
Still doing okay, but mirror is FILTHY. Ah well....
Uh comes trouble (i.e. Gavin)
Gavin, pose with mommy. Just stand there, okay?
I know! I know! You want to see the picture. Hold on. I HDR-d the hell out of this pic, which is terrible, I know, but you can see Gavie's huge grin. That kid has the BEST, most joyous expressions I have ever seen.
Heeeeeeere's SIMON! You can REALLY see the filth in this one. Nice. I don't know what they actually do to get the mirror so freaking filthy. I think they stand and spit milk at it. They are very well-mannered.
Oooooooh, purple toenails.....
I give up. Goofballs, the lot of them.

So fast forward to me, jumping in the car and heading to dinner, late (as usual). Reservations are at 7 p.m., it's 6:32. We live about 25 minutes from downtown KC, and I was halfway there when traffic on the highway STOPS. Complete. Standstill. Look at the clock - 6:45. Curse. Wish I would've gone the way my husband suggested, which is a longer route, but now, still, curse again. Try to focus on my audiobook. Think - I was having a great time with the kids - maybe I should've just stayed home. Curse curse curse.

Line of cars inch up, then start moving slowly. I see a sign that I-70 is closed at Blue Ridge up ahead, and it will be 23 minutes into downtown. Not good. Curse. Move a wee bit more, get to an exit and inch from the far left lane (of course) all the way to the exit so I can find an alternate route. 7 p.m. Curse. Listen to book, wish I would've stayed home and helped The Hubs put the kids to bed. Get on the alternate route, get to the point where we can see the accident. Car. Cut. In. Half. Not good. Alternate route? At a standstill. CURSE. Drive next to Gates Barbeque (best BBQ in KC) and think - maybe I should run in, pick some up, and just turn around. Pass Gates. 7:15. Call restaurant, tell them I'm not going to make it and please do not hold up seating the group to wait for me. Turn my car around and go home.

Walk in - The Hubs says - "you should've taken the route I told you about." Shoot death ray glare from my eyeballs at him. Help put the kids to bed. Go eat frozen pizza (AGAIN) and fall asleep on the couch to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Aaaaahhhhh.....



Dobbygirl said...

Oh man, what a hassle. You look so cute though, if that's any consolation :o). Love seeing the kiddos - adorbs!!!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Well at least you looked good sitting in traffic... I hate when things happen like that though. Lots of effort for whole lots of nothing.

ps, didn't know you had triplets!!!! where is your super woman cape? :)

Nikosmommy said...

I am love love loving this look! However how thin are you Mama that the skinny cargos are kinda baggy?! Can we swap legs for bit?! What's your secret/magic/voodoo for staying so thin!??!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thanks ladies - I appreciate it!

Jill - yep, 2 year old triplets. Hence my recent need for therapy. Ahem.

Nikosmommy - See answer above - there's a lot of heavy lifting and running around with three 2-year olds!

Jen L said...

I cannot BELIEVE you didn't keep going...I would have showed up an hour late just for a drink. Cutest pictures ever...cutest triplets ever!! But ladies, don't let Shan fool you, she's always had very skinny legs and her ass is shaped like a heart (in a good way). You have lost weight though, b/c your skinny cargos aren't so skinny anymore unless they've really stretched out.

Closet Confections said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you had to miss your night out. Well, at least your outfit looked great. I really like the skinny cargos.

And "wow" is all I can say about handling 2 year old triplets... just wow, lol!