Monday, September 13, 2010

Mother Tucker

You know what I love? Molasses. I loooooove molasses in the fall. On tooooast. Yum. I also love my new favorite breakfast: oatmeal with mascarpone cheese, and apples sauteed in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Y.U.M. Other things I love? This guy:

The Hubs and I are talking about getting tickets to see him at a local comedy festival in a few weeks. MAN OH MAN, I loves me some Jason Sudeikis. What ELSE do you love, Shannan, you are asking yourself? Well, I love these Halloween costumes for the kiddos:

GARDEN GNOMES. Rest assured I will post pics of The Trips in them. Fear not.
You know what I do NOT love? Running all over tarnation yesterday to find a Target with the effing Tucker for Target line. That I do NOT love. And then, when I finally found one? It DID NOT HAVE THE ENTIRE LINE, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE NAVY BLUE DIAMOND PATTERN DRESS. Gah! I shake my fist at you, Target!!! This means I have to find ANOTHER one in the area today to see if I can try it on before it goes buy-bye. I did end up with this blouse, which I love, and whose colors look magnificent on me, if I say so myself.

But where are those pants from, Shannan?

Those old things? Well, they're Dickies from K Mart many moons ago. Das right. I said DICKIES.

And your urrings? World Market, beyotch.

Belt? Hell if I remember.

Shoesies woozies? Naughty Monkey, you naughty monkeys.
And with that, I bid you adieu.
EDIT: One more thing I love? This status that I read on Facebook, about a friend's daughter Amanda(who is 4): Some of Amanda's comments to Tim while they were building a storage cubicle together: "daddy, I'm a really good screwer;" "daddy, I really like to screw;" "daddy, I'm going to be the best screwer ever, right?" "oops, I tooted, I shouldn't do that while I'm screwing."
Just keep her off the pole, Gretchen. Keep her off the pole...


Dobbygirl said...

I got that same shirt! Yay! Adore the shoes!

Liv said...

Super pretty shirt. Alas, I live in a Targetless region... *sigh*
Great shoes too!
And between the garden gnomes and the FB status I have a big stupid smile on my face now. (Which is quyite the miracle on a Monday morning!) :-)

Peetzi Jen said...

AYEEEEEE!! I did the same thing yesterday and NOBODY in my neck of the woods had a single Tucker in stock. How is that possible on the day the line is released? I ended up ordering a few pieces online and I'm praying they fit. How completely annoying!! And they didn't have your top at all. Curse you Target!! said screw.

merciblahblah said...

Jen - I went back to my closest Target today and they had almost all of the stuff out. Uhhhh, hello Target workers - you couldn't have told me yesterday when I was there that you would get it?

I DID get the blue diamond dress. Wheeeee!!!!!


this free bird said...

omg you're rocking that top. it looks awesome on you...sucked on me!! i did get that diamond dress, but it's kinda got a navajo feel. not so sure it'll be staying put. how about the boucle??? i about wet myself right on the shoes of one of the attackers!!


406 Olivia said...

Did you see Eboni's post today? She has that shirt too!

Check it out here