Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Falling For You

L-o-v-i-n-g the following fall-inspired looks.

Short swingy dress + chunky knit + mary janes and socks = purrrr-fection. Via Saucy Glossie.

Oh my Lord - if I can't find a vintagey thrifted fur jacket or shrug or vest, I'll just DIE. This look is buh-nananas. From Lucky mag.

J. Crew? I heart you.

I WILL have you, over the knee socks, oh yes, I will. From Garance Dore.

70s perfection. Dress Design Decor.

Pencil Plaid Perfection. Sea Lorraine.

Leighton Meester? You had me at green and yellow.
Gap lurv.

HEY OHHHHHH....Whodat?



The Girlie Blog said...

Thank you for sharing and labeling the new fall trends!

Kate said...

love this outfit of yours!! so cute! the stripes, the gold, the pants... the whole thing is perfect! also adore leighton meester... she's constantly perfect. swoon!