Monday, September 27, 2010

Flow and Low, That Is The Tempo

Oh Etro, you had me at deep 70s vee and kimono sleeves. I don't know why I have never really been cognizant of Etro until I saw Cate Blanchett in this dress recently:

but after that, it was all over for me. I would take home every single one of these pieces, a mishmash of their collections from Fall 2009 through Spring 2011. I don't know why I haven't seen more of them on the red carpet, but Hollywood, STEP IT UP.

Okay, I realize this piece isn't a red carpet look, but that open-shouldered blouse and print shorts are like a big stick of buttah.

Oh my hells' bells - opera coat? Will you go out with me? Yes ___ No ___ Maybe ___

Again with the open shoulders and dreamy prints? You're KILLING me.

Their jackets amaze me.
I think you all know how I feel about mixing patterns, and this is no exception. Perfection.

GAH! Military jacket and swoony pattern on bottom? Yes, please.
Hey gold skirt, I have a broken leg and need help loading this heavy box into the back of my van. Can you help me?

Even plain white separates look exotic.

I could do with a little less nip here, but other than that? Mama likey.

Long jacket + printed shorts + gauzy blouse x Shannan = well, I don't know, because I suck at math, but it works for me.
It's like a hippie met a square dancer and had a baby.

Shut your mouth, patterned deep vee dress.

That goes double for you, short patterned off-the-shoulder beyotch.

I swear to the hebbins, I think a deep 70s vee and necklace hanging just so on a flatter-bewbed chest is one of the sexiest looks ever. EVER.

Kimonoy opera jacket? Get in my belly, cuz I just want to eat you up.


Jill said...

I adore Etro...wish I could afford tons of it! I'd roll around naked in it all and be a very happy girl!