Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WWD: Where Did All the Bewbies Go......

Wearing an old Laundry kimono style dress and pondering, "Are my bewbs still there? They seem a little....lower somehow...that can't be....I even wore my mamma-jamma push-up brawr today..."

Maybe if I juuuust push them together like this...

Maybe I can tie my obi belt tight enough to push them back into place....

SUCCESS!!! The teeeeniest, tiniest bit of cleavage. See? There, on the right! I swear, it is not bronzer artfully applied...

Wait a minute, what the hell is going on with my NECK??????

Annnnd SCENE! This dramatic interpretation of my bewbies brought to you by Laundry by Shelli Segal, some dope spear urrings courtesy of Design Spark, which I won in a contest on The Decorista (thanks for the opportunity Ashlina and Design Spark - you both ROCK). Stay tuned tomorrie to see the inthane necklathe and ginormous ring I won too (I KNOW you're on pins and needles....)
P to the S - if you haven't already checked out Design Spark, what da HAIL are you waiting for? Uhhhh, helloooo adorable stuff that is TRES reasonably priced!
Muy apologies for getting that STUPID Paula Cole song stuck in your head.
When are you sending me that dress since I already have that necklace to go with? Thanks.
Blah blah,


Natasha said...

Hey, I have that necklace too! My bewbs would will out that dress better anyhow....

ashlina {the decorista} said...

What a fab choice lady! i love love love the look. thanks for the shout out...so glad you won my sweet! ox