Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WWD: Ikat

Help. I'm tired and Ikat wake-up.

But, I still snuck in the sunroom and tried not to wake Mr. Man while taking these this morning so you could at least see the satin pants and drapey drape this time. AND, how the pants kinda look like they are hiding a diaper underneath. Cute.
Nice job not shutting the accessory closet door, Me.

(See Dawn, I TOLD you that you'd see this again. I added another necklace so you'd hardly recognize it.)
Cardigan: The Maxx

Ikat Tunic Shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Target

Necklaces: One thrift, one not

Vintage Jaguar Belt: Thrift

I just realized how inexpensive this outfit is. Love that.


Amy Bo Bamy,
Is that the Ikat shirt like the stripey shirt you got me at H&M and you said you would go back and see if they had anymo Ikat shirts toooooo? Wellllll doooooo they?????? Geez - I am a spoiled little b!tch sometimes, aren't I?

You are cute, and props for your use of "I'm tired and Ikat wake up." Your brathlet JUST matches your shirt (in case you din't already know dat).

Hey - WAIT A MINUTE - WHEN DID YOU GET A VINTAGE JAGUAR BELT? And more importante, do you pronounce it jag-uuuu-waaaaar?