Monday, August 16, 2010

WWD: Big Rock Candy Mountain

You know, my titles of this series totally depends on how much sleep I've had, how much coffee I've had, and how close I am to the menses. One would think, then, with a title like the above that I am sleep deprived, searching the world for the last cup of coffee and a tampon a la Viggo Mortenson in The Road (which we saw this weekend and which was possibly the world's most DEPRESSING movie ever - a cross between The Stand, The Day After and The Hills Have Eyes and which is STILL creeping me out this morning....)
Never fear, howevah, because we are not dealing with cannibals who are in dire need of a bath and a toothbrush, but rather, my jewreys, which all reminds me of bright, colorful candies bedecking my bod.

Oh, and there MIGHT be a new pair of SKINNY CARGOS that I picked up at Marshall's this weekend. Yippeeeee!!!!! Take THAT, J Brand Houlihan's!

See - I TODE you it looks like candy! Big geode slice necklace, local boutique. Pink tassle necklace, vintage from me mum. Urrings, which you can't see in this post, but trust, they're there, Peetzi Handcrafted Jewelry. Sequin jacket, Macy's.

Happy Happy Monday - Happy Happy Day! Happy Happy Monday, from Shannan and Amaaaay, HEY! (Just a little tribute to my sis, who had to sing that little ditty to customers at Annie's Sante Fe when she worked at that craptastic Meh-i-can restaurant in college. Blech.)



Peetzi Jen said...

Skinny cargos are my new obsession...must have some! LUB that BIG geode. LUB.LUB.LUB it! And your Peetzi''s all just too much. I may cry!


Linda said...

you are funny and look amazing! love the skinny cargos with those shoes!

merciblahblah said...

Jen - tanks, luv. Completely unrelated and irrelevant story: Where The Hubs is from in Ireland? Sometimes the drop the "h" and add one where there shouldn't be, so thanks becomes tanks, and Saturday becomes Sathurday. Just thought I'd share that little gift. You're welcome.

Linda - I had to go back and reread your comment because I thought initially it said I was amazing and looked funny. Aaaahhh, who am I kidding? Either way is fine by me.


this free bird said...

um scusee but where oh where did you get that amazing amazeballs necklace???

it loooookkkkkssss sooooooo goooooood on you.

ps - cargos!

Ashley said...

Love your skinny cargos!! I didn't want to like this trend, but it's slowly winning me over...

xoxo, Ashley

merciblahblah said...

Carrie and Ashley - thanks! C-Bird - I got the geode necklace at a local boutique that is sadly no longer in existence. Sniff sniff sniffle sniff....