Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WWD: Aloha

Things About This Outfit:

  • It makes me want to go on vacation to the islands. NOW. Any island.
  • It is anticlimactic now after having seen the kimono on the mannequin hurr. But all two of you asked for shots of my person, so here ya go. Bathroom's Back, ALRIGHT! Suck on that Backstreet Boys.
  • The bottom of this (Don) Ho inspired ensemble is some black pants from the Banana tight-rolled (80's in the blog...holla) and worn with black wedges.
  • The bottom left photo is me primed and ready for someone to place a drink in my hand. Don't judge me because it is 8am. Haven't you ever heard of mimosas? Duh.
  • I am loving Shan's out of doors shots and she looks way cuter. Hmpfh.
  • I usually crop out my head but left in the shot of me longingly looking into the mirror because it is cracking me up. I think I am looking for more sleep. Can a sister get a cure for insomnia?


Hey Arby,
Like I said in my e-mail, anytime you're ready to stuff that kimono in a padded envelope and send it to me, I'm here for you.

I curse you for getting the Backstreet Boys song in my head. To that, I will leave you with words from the song I heard yesterday in the thrift store: "Never gonna give you uuuuup, never gonna saaaay goodbyyyyye, never gonna tell a liiiiie, and hurt yooooooooooooouuuuu...."


Dobbygirl said...

Love it! Great necklaces too!

Vurbanity said...

Gorgeous! Would look also amazing with wide leg white linen pants and a tank...for a totally relaxed look.

I have been searching for some hand dyed/pained vintage kimono tops on ebay. I recently saw a woman wearing one over a light turtle neck with skinnie, and couldn't believe how good it looked.

PS Cat Deeley photo looks so cute, her legs look skinnier than usual. Hate her!

Jenny Brewer said...

LOVE that kimono!! I have been on a kimono search lately, yours is perfection!