Friday, August 6, 2010

What? Is? This?!!!#$!@#$!@#

Oh, wait - that's not what I meant - it's just that I am so distracted by Heidi's HORRIBLE Captain & Tenille haircut this season I can barely concentrate.

What I meant to say was What the EFF IS THIS????

Safety effing pins dude? And he has the audacity to say, AND I QUOTE:
"What am I? Prototype Joe?"
Uh YEAH DUDE - you're on frigging Project Runway, that's EXACTLY what you're supposed to be!!!
and then he says,
"I think I've really stumbled on to something..."
and I yell back at the TV
"Yeah - a big pile of dog shi!t!"
Ugh - I have never been so insulted that they actually let a contestant onto the show.
Good riddance, Clockwork Orange.
You know the rules. SPOILER ALERT. Email me not to check the blog. Something. Anything.
Sheesh. It's a sad day when a girl can't even read the blog she rarely participates in without getting PR spoiled. It's not like you don't know the drill, Shannan. Let's not let this happen again.
(P.S. First staples now this? This is an outrage. His teeny chapeau has cut off all his sense.)


Dawn said...

That is where I've seen him from, hated that movie.

I'm Molly said...

Wow, both are fug. I pink puffy heart Heidi. She's the cutest damn pregnant chick ever. But yikes, that haircut is baaaaad.

Also? That dress sucks. It makes last season's burlap sack challenge look good.

Lisa Levine said...

I'm sorry, I'm still not able to get past the first photo with Heidi's circa 1982 Dorothy Hammill haircut. Yikes!! I didn't even realize the new season started...gotta catch up!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Yikes, that haircut is out! I guess money can't buy love or a celebrity hairstylist? Maybe she's working on a Dorothy Hamill movie? Going through that Brad Pitt-hideous-facial-hair phase?

Hee...Clockwork Orange.

Oh, and I can't sew for s&*t and even I wouldn't use safety pins. That's what fabric glue is for.