Monday, August 9, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: A Single Man

We finally saw A Single Man this weekend, and it was the perfect collision of style in interiors, fashion, and cinema.

If ONLY I could have found a photo of Julianne Moore standing in this uh-MAZ-ing vintage gown. Guh. She was utter perfection in the movie.

Love this still in from the scene where they're smoking in front of a wall-sized ad for Hitchcock's Psycho.

Did I mention Colin Firth is my new boyfriend? Well, he is. This scene broke my heart. He didn't speak, but his expression spoke volumes. Sigh.

And is he adorable in nerdy glasses? Uh, YEAH.

Seriously, Tom Ford was pretty genius in the styling and his use of black and white - it's like you could take any single frame from the film and it was just. Art.

Colin Firth's gorgous mid-century modern home. Sheer beauty in simplicity.

Julianne Moore's Hollywood Regency digs made me pee.

Did I mention - PERFECTION.

Why oh why was every photo I found so crappy? Ohmyhell this curved sofa in her house made me weep with longing. And those mirrors and chests flanking the doorway? Puh-leeze, beyotches. Bananas.


Nichole @ Parlour said...

Uhhh! That dressing area? To die for! Julianne Moore ain't so bad either.

Molly said...

This movie was so beautiful I would have enjoyed it even if the story sucked. GREAT NEWS it didn't. Definitely one of my favorites of last year.