Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On The Mouf: Outnet

My love affair with The Outnet continues with these lovelies I want in my closet. It's all in the details here.
Gimme a sequin. A bead.A paillette. A break. (R.I.P. Nell Carter)
And, gimme all three of these before the temps turn cooler. Which, by the by, feels like it is going to be around the month of Neverary up in here.
Bad segue alert: I just looked at that last dress on the right and passed out again. It's almost got this borderline soap opera star would wear it to some event so I don't know if you like it but then I realized that if I was wearing it that I would like the vintage beading feel of it so I decided it's cool.
And, really, I always did also have a penchant for remarrying the same man 5 times and going into a coma when my twin tries to kill me. It's kind of my "thing" like Ross' is marrying and getting divorced. Ross Gellar reference in the blog. What, whaaaat?
I'll be there for you,


this free bird said...

RIP Nell Carter? You just went up another million points!!!



Natasha said...

What's my thing? What's my thing?!?!?!