Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: My Hometown

Let's take it inside, shall we? Came across this Apartment Therapy house tour via Parlour (which used to be Sparrow's Nest), and lo and behold, it's in my hometown! This home is in a cool, funky, eclectic area called Brookside, and I am in love with what the owner has done to it, espesh his use of art. I loves me an art wall, and he has SUCH a cool one, full of the weird and beautiful.

See - I TODE you it was a great art wall. A little bit creepy, a whole lotta funk.

Love this regency sideboard with the Godfather-esque horse's head.

More weird and wonderful. I have been wanting to find some old educational posters to use in my casa (think science posters of the skeletal system, or anything biology related), and this crazy bust o the brain is perfection.

More fantastic artwork - this guy is making my house look TRES boring. PACE YOURSELF, dude - you're making the rest of us look bad!!!

Uh, HELLO excellent mug shot photos artfully framed. You. Rock.

Thilver thpray painted cuckoo clock? Yeth pleathe.

Oh how I long for a light up number or letter. Thuper fly TNT.


GiGi said...

saw this on apartment therapy and wanted to ask for his hand in marriage.
WHY is he not coming to our wine club?
i would like to make him an honorary member.

merciblahblah said...

Gina - I TOTALLY thought of your house when I was looking through the photos. Yes - let's get a wine night invite to him TOOT SWEET.

this free bird said...

omg i'm peeing my pants laughing "thilver thpray? yeth pleathe"" AAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOVE IT!!


Christina said...

I love everything on Apartment Therapy but you're right, this home is pretty outstanding. The clock and the art wall are my favorite parts!